Is ethyl alcohol and rubbing alcohol the same?

If you are reading this, it means that either you are currently drunk on ethyl alcohol or accidentally sprayed rubbing alcohol on your chips instead of vinegar. Either way, we have got you covered! In this article, we will explore whether ethyl alcohol and rubbing alcohol are the same thing.

Understanding Ethyl Alcohol

Ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol, is a type of chemical compound found in alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine or whiskey. It’s even used to sterilize medical equipment! But beware – consuming too much ethanol can lead to an unpleasant hangover the following day.

The Science behind it all

Without getting too technical -we’re not savants around here– let’s take a closer look at some scientific stuff. In its purest form, ethanol is clear and colorless liquid with a strong smell similar to that of an alcoholic drink. This compound has two carbon molecules bonded together along with five hydrogen molecules (C2H5OH).

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that all alcohols are created equal…

Getting To Grips With Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a type of antiseptic solution made by mixing different types of denatured alcohol plus additives like water and scenting agents like lemongrass or vanilla essence (could be any other really)to name but a few .

The main players

With most commercial rubbings there two ingredients play key roles:

1) Denatured Ethanol (EtOH)

2) Isopropyl Alchol(IIPA)

Denatured EtOH

As mentioned earlier ,denatured ethanol refers to very potent distilled grain/methyl from which poisonous substances have been added rendering it undrinkable(if taken orally may cause blindness).

The purpose for adding these other toxins Is to prevent people from drinking the potent tincture meant for industrial or scientific usage.

Isopropyl Alcohol(IIPA)

IPA is mainly used as a disinfectant. It’s among other things an anti-bacterial agent commonly added hand sanitizers -great for those OCD situations of constant washing and bacterial paranoia- effective also on surfaces like kitchen tops, furniture etcetera, making it a much loved household item in times of pandemic.

How Rubbing Alcohol Might Not Be The Same Thing As Ethanol

Based on what you know now do you think rubbing alcohol and ethanol are one and the same thing? Certainly not! We can imagine that look slapped all over your face right now .For starters ,rubbing alcohol contains isopropyl ???that ethanol doesn’t contain wowza!

Moreover, rubbing alcohol usually has an abundance of additives besides the ‘good stuff’ against bacteria-(mainly perfume and coloring agents) which make it unsuitable for human consumption; who wants to drink pink antiseptic stuff anyway?

Differences Between Both Types Of Alcohols At A Glance

Ethanol Rubbing Alcohol
Potable Undrinkable
Methylated Spirit-Denatured -Denatured EtOH/IPA(Beginners Only…)
Found In Hooch-Normal Drinks -CommonAntibac/Sanitizer+Other Additives
Processed Naturally For Human Use / Fermentation/ Distillation Brusquely Manufactured mostly under strict Scientific directives

Handling And Storage:Do You Handle Them Differently?

In terms of storage requirements I’m sure everyone knows better than to store either close by flames or direct sunlight both being flammable substances…

The rub lies more so about handling since their chemical makeup should be taken into account before use.For instance:

1.Ethanol Can Be Used As A Vehicle Fuel (In Brazil Some Cars Run On Ethanol.)Yet Its Flammability Makes This Option Somewhat Complex.Better Stick To Conventional Petroleum for Now

2.On The Other Hand Rubbing Alcohol Being More Potent Than Most Normal Everyday Drugs Should Not Be Inhaled Or Applied In Large Quantities Since It May Cause Blindness Allergies, respiratory related complications and the Like.

Wrapping It All Up

As you can see,rubbing alcohol is highly valued for its high levels of antiseptic ability(especially in these Covi times) thanks to its properties that maintain sterility both on surfaces and hands. However, unlike ethanol it’s not a substance meant to be consumed.

So before taking your next shot with rubbing alcohol because someone convinced you ‘it hits better than rum’, think about something more sane like ogling cool cat videos on Youtube or baking cookies while waiting out this global pandemic.

Stay safe folks!

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