Is equate ranitidine being recalled?

Ranitidine (sold under brand names Zantac, Rani 2, and Ausran) is currently in the news because regulators have found that most formulations are contaminated with a chemical called NDMA, which is as a probable carcinogen. The drug has been recalled by the manufacturers in some countries.

How dangerous is ranitidine? Side effects of ranitidine medications such as Zantac are not generally disruptive and may be treated with an adjustment to your dosage. If you experience any serious side effects, however, you should contact your doctor. Dangerous side effects include hallucinations, depression, abnormal heart rhythms and signs of liver damage.

What is a good replacement for Zantac? A few of the more common medication alternatives to Zantac include antacids and foaming agents, proton pump inhibitors, and other H2 blocker medicines.

Is ranitidine safe? Ranitidine is safe for most people to use, but those with kidney or liver disease should check with their doctor or pharmacist to be sure. Omeprazole is also used in the treatment of GERD and other stomach acid disorders, but it is in a class of medications called proton pump inhibitors.