Is epic pen safe?

Have you ever been in a situation where drawing on your computer screen was necessary? Maybe you were presenting to a group, and needed to highlight something specific, or maybe you just wanted to add some artistic flair to your digital notes. Whatever the reason may be, there is now software available that allows you to draw directly onto your computer screen with ease- Epic Pen.

But as great as it sounds, many people are still skeptic about one thing: is Epic Pen safe? In this article we will take an in-depth look at what exactly our trusty companion is made up of and determine whether it’s worth giving it access to our computers.

What Exactly Is Epic Pen?

Before we get into the safety concerns behind using Epic pen, let’s first understand what this software actually does. Simply put, epic pen is a tool used for drawing or writing directly onto the desktop of your computer. It comes equipped with several features that allow users flexibility when taking notes or highlighting important points during presentations. For instance:
– It can draw lines
– Create arrows
– Highlight different areas
– Annotate text documents

All these enhancements are done real-time with precision making giving excellent results every time.

Epic pen has found its use mainly in businesses and schools where teachers use them while conducting classes remotely <br>. With students attending virtual classrooms have nowhere else they would consider apart from getting started with epic pens for their remote learning needs as highlighted here.

Most Gamers also use epic pens for live streaming on platforms like twitch which requires diagrams such as Gaming guides when playing games online so newbies can easily comprehend how each game works by following instructions given through these gaming guides created initially by gamers themselves via epic pens before going public

How Does It Work?

To get started with Epic Pen, all you have to do is download its software and install it on your Windows PC. Why only PCs? Unfortunately, currently the operating system(s) supported by this app are only limited to Windows 10/8/7.

Once installed, simply tap Control + Alt + T to initiate any pen related action which opens up a toolbar enabling one easily navigate through while making their annotations or drawings.

Is It Safe To Use?

After learning what Epic Pen does let’s dive into the question of ultimate importance – Is it safe for your computer?
Epic pen stores nothing on disk hence no presence of adware and/or spyware behaviors as disclosed here. This essentially means that there’s zero possibility that a user will contract malware from the app; however, we cannot guarantee anything else concerning other applications like unintended malicious links etc. After using epic pens for about an hour my colleague said “I’m yet to see any pop-up ads or unexpected prompts”

– There hasn’t been any news regarding breach occurrences at different companies.
– users can choose whether they want updates for themselves or if automatic should be done

All in all though use of epic pens is deemed relatively risk-free according most tech blogs online which urge users not shy away from giving epic pens toolbars chance especially since one gains full control over every word typed during important discussions.


There are tons of features available when using Epic Pen. These include things such as:

  1. Simple User Interface – The overall design remains simple enough allowing newbies & experienced alike a comfortable usage experience
  2. Hotkeys – You no longer need special skills or equipment taught extensively in classes just access
    3.Strong Colors – Allows writers/draftsmen put their best foot forward regardless of screen resolution quality
    4.Multi-Monitor Support– Flexibility at its peak. Use on several monitors to get the desired objective on all every monitor or better yet, seamlessly switch between different devices


In conclusion, Epic pen is safe to use and can be quite efficient with various extensions available making even a standard Windows PC capable of much much more than one might initially think. It’s definitely an app I’d recommend anyone who spends their daily hours referring to notes and working remotely.

And what do you know? Your computer makes for a pretty awesome notepad when given command over it via Epic Pen!