Is enfamil neuropro good for newborns?

Are you a new parent grappling with what formula to give your newborn baby? Fret not, as we explore the world of baby formulas and focus on Enfamil NeuroPro. This article will help shed some light (see what I did there?) on whether this product is good for your little one.

What is Enfamil NeuroPro?

Enfamil Neuropro is a type of infant formula made by Mead Johnson Nutrition Company that claims to support brain development in babies. The ingredients include various types of protein and fat, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients intended to mimic those found in breast milk.

The company boasts that it offers complete nutrition and all the fatty acids necessary for optimal cognitive growth. Still, does this make it an excellent food choice for your little munchkin? Let’s explore more!


Weaning infants off breast milk can be quite tricky since mother’s milk has all the essential nutrients required by babies; however, here are some plus points:

Supports Brain Development

One thing that stands out about this particular formula brand line-up is its focus on developing intelligence in children from birth onward! Its unique MFGM (a glycerophospholipid commonly present only at low levels in most standard formulas) ingredient mimics human breastmilk with DHA effects —- a nutrient that helps build healthy brains from the ground up.

Added Minerals And Nutrients Composition

Besides containing carbohydrates/sugars (lactose), proteins (whey casein blend), fats/oils (palm olein oil/soybean oil/coconut oil/high oleic sunflower oil/mortierella alpine oil/DHA/ARA) —- which are core components of every primary feeding formula – this offering comes packed with extra supplements such as Iron/Sodium/Potassium/Vитamin A, B6, C, etc.

Ease of Availability

Parents can purchase Enfamil NeuroPro from major stores or have it delivered straight to their doorstep.


As with anything in life, all is not rosy and pretty (unless you’re a hipster farm fresh coffee shop looking for customers). Here are some apparent cons:

Can be Expensive

When compared to most other baby formula brands on the market, Enfamil NeuroPro may come out pricier; its cost isn’t exactly affordable for everyone’s pockets.

Not All Babies May Like It

This really depends on your infant’s taste buds/nursing preferences/sensitivity; while some babies take readily to this flavor profile/formula type — others might outrightly spit-out/throw tantrums/get colicky episodes/allergic reactions following ingestion thereof.

Still don’t know whether or not it’s right for your newborn? Check out our handy table below!

Comparison Table: Enfamil vs Other Infant Formulas

Formula Brand Price Range Protein Source Carbohydrate Source Fat/Oil Components
Enfamil Neuro Pro 24 $27 – $33 Milk Maltodextrin lactose blend Palm olein oil/high oleic sunflower oil/coconut oil/mortierella alpina oil
Similac Pro-Advance Most expensive brand but quantity-wise more affordable Cow’s milk/Lactose Palm olein/Mct/Rapeseed/DHA/ARA
Gerber Good Start Soothe Moderately priced Jersey cow milk/Lactose Palm olein oil/high oleic sunflower oil/coconut oil

How to Choose an Infant Formula

When determining what infant formula is best for your baby, there are several kinds of factors you must consider. These include the type of protein used in the formula, carbohydrate sources and fat/oil components — nutrients and mineral supplement compositions (such as Vitamin D) which play vital roles needed to support speech development, muscle growth among other things.

You should also take into account any sensitivities or allergies present within your family history; checking with a pediatrician may be helpful too!


Here are some frequently asked questions about Enfamil NeuroPro

Is Enfamil NeuroPro safe?

Yes! It is FDA approved as a suitable formulated diet for infants who can’t breastfeed/mixed feed/feed due to various scenarios.

How long does it last?

It comes with several expiry date options depending on packaging options/sizes but generally lasts between 4-6 months.

Can I mix it with human breastmilk?

Indeed you can — in instances where you’re not exclusively breastfeeding/your little one has some trouble latching/has been weaned off fully/baby needs more sustenance than available during nursing sessions – mixing this product won’t necessarily hurt them.


As with anything health-related (including kale smoothies), research is essential when making decisions about what’s right for both parents and babies alike. In our observation however —After examining diverse aspects such as composition/nutritional inherent value/enzyme enrichment etc—Enfamil Neuropro looks like a promising food option that could help facilitate better brain functionality in newborns!

So now that you have read all these details about Enfamil NeuroPro prime ingredient profile — Feel free to decide if this brand suits both yours AND YOUR LITTLE ONE’S TASTEBUDS!

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