Is egg good for curly hair?

If you’re someone with curly hair, chances are you’re always on the lookout for new ways to care for your locks. While there are countless products and DIY remedies out there, have you ever considered using egg as a natural ingredient in your hair care routine? That’s right – humble eggs might just be the secret to luscious curls.

The Science Behind It

Before we dive into the benefits of egg on curly hair, let’s discuss what gives our hair its texture. Our genes determine whether our hair is straight or curly, but within each strand lies something called keratin proteins. Keratin is responsible for forming disulfide bonds between individual strands of hair, which create its distinctive shape.

When it comes to eggs and their effect on our locks, it all boils down to one component: protein. Eggs contain high levels of protein that can strengthen and protect our delicate strands from damage.

But wait- there’s more! Not only does protein nourish your hair – fatty acids make up around 62% of an egg yolk’s weight , making them powerhouses when it comes to moisturizing dry curls.

Benefits of Egg For Curly Hair

Strengthens Hair

As mentioned earlier, keratin forms important structural bonds within our strands – without these bonds and strength in place they may break easily.If you’re dealing with frizz-prone or even breakage prone tresses then incorporating eggs into yourlife may help ward off split ends and promote overall stronger results thanks tot he protien found in this budget friendly item!.

Promote Growth

Long healthy coily locks could be achieved when consuming foods rich in Biotin so why not use them topically too? A single egg contains around (7 micrograms) biotin per yolk . Using this mask weekly along-side other methods including but not limited taking vitamins could potentially support hair growth.

Moisturize hair

Does your hair look dry do to styling or environmental damage? Chances are you have tried a multitude of methods and still haven’t found the sweet-spot for your tresses.This is where eggs could come in handy. The protein foundEggs include protein along with fatty acids which coat our strands serving as emollients that can enhance areas such as moisture retention

With all that said,it clear why Eggs just so happen to be the perfect remedy for those looking to maintain curls glory, they really pack a punch.

How To Use Egg In Your Curly Hair Routine

Now that we understand how egg benefits curly locks, let’s explore ways to incorporate them into our daily lives:

Pre-poo mask

What better way start off than with an immediate lock-in retreat- between twists or after shampooing, whisk together one egg yolk with little more than 2 tbsp of water .Generously apply from root top bottom making sure each strand covered.Don’t forget your ends – this is where most breakage may occur as it’s unprotected.Let sit on head for about 15 minutes before washing away.

Tip: Best rinsed out using cold/room temperature water!!

Conditioning Treatment

Looking for quick curl booster without breaking the bank? An easy option would be unscrambling entire egg , applying it directly to wet porous strands.Sit under shower cap/shower steamer (for at least five minutes) rinse and style like normal!Do this weekly especially if heat has been applied regularly !

### DIY Styling Product

When given lemons, make lemonade- but when given eggs surely it’s time for DIY styling gel right? This massively budget-friendly method will hold facial-framing spirals back while keeping wash-n-go coils defined longer -All you need are two beaten egg whites combined with a pinch of cornstarch.After blending well, use product as you would any Store-bought consumer gel

Tip: This also works wonders for protective hairstyles like twists or braids whereby it needs to be slicked back.

Wrapping Up – (Final Thoughts)

When seeking organic hair products that actually work if not better than some of the expensive itemized on the internet, make eggs your first stop. High protein and vitamin structure can only serve to benefit curly locks by encouraging growth and strong restructuring in a cost-effective manner!So everyone who wants healthy bouncy curls without spending too much money this is one ingredient definitely worth adding into your baobaobabotanicals-gelwax-leaveing conditioner-little black girl magic inspired routine2Get20%Off .

Happy Omelet Sundays everyone 🙂

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