Is eating liver good for fatty liver?

Ah, the liver. That one organ that does all the dirty work in your body so you don’t have to. But what happens when it gets a little too dirty itself? A fatty liver can sneak up on you like an ex-boyfriend on Instagram and suddenly everything is out of control. What’s the best way to get in its good books again? Can eating liver help cure a fatty liver or just make things worse? Let’s dig (pun intended) into this topic and find out.

What is a Fatty Liver?

Before we start talking about cures, let’s first understand what we’re dealing with. A fatty liver basically means there are too many fat cells inside your liver cells which push against each other and cause inflammation. This buildup of fat can be caused by obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, alcohol abuse insert shocked face here, some medications (cue horror music) or malnutrition.


Symptoms of fatty liver disease range from tiredness, weakness (not ideal if you have decided to jump around during lockdown after eating 3 family size pizzas)and abdominal pain,to loss of appetite and confusion.About 80%of people who have this condition don’t even know they do as symptoms often go unnoticed until further damage has already been done.Basically,it’s like staying at home all day every day binging Netflix without realising what sleeping horribly on cricked couches years down will lead to.You blame Joe Exotic once but then finally realise,you are only responsible.Cries.

So,is it possible that consuming these humble meats could help allay our suffering livers’ troubles?

The Nutritional Benefits

Liver,on its own,is considered as one of THE most nutrient-dense foods available.It contains vitamin B12,VitaminA,folic acid,zinc,copper,choline,and iron.If you are a bit lacking in any of these,it could do you some good.But at the same time,too much of something isn’t always better.(something my mum taught me but I still don’t get it?)

Benefits for Fatty Liver?

As far as fatty liver goes,liver offers many benefits.The high levels of vitamin A help to keep your liver really happy by preventing inflammation while VitaminD and K2 make sure that every little thing is ticking over nicely. Copper helps maintain healthy blood vessels inside the liver which ensures an overall longer period of helpful activity,reducing damage caused overtime.If one considers the fact that,in studies,liver has been shown to reduce cholesterol build up or deposition in different internal areas (deposition:making a deposit or investment winks),it actually tends to justify why folks believe consuming it may be beneficial.

But wait,there’s more!

The Arguable Downside

One large caveat regarding consumption remains though.Considering all organs remove various toxins from our bodies,Eating them means risking ingestionof higher amounts.Fat tissue can containhigher concentrations(contrary to unhealthy practices)than regular meat because (you guessed it!)the fat supplies those macronutrients organisms needto survive.So if someone happens to consume their meats from commercially-raised animals,the risk factor increases.Hence,the ideal approach would encourage opting for happily raised animals who have roamed about before becoming food.

Also,you’d much rather like cooking traditional dishes as opposedto trying some bizarre new recipe with weird ingredients.You generally want organic materials without preservatives.Decrease intake on carbohydrates and sugars(some saucy attitude-just saying).Remember,everything is tough in moderation,evenlivers consumed too frequently might placea burdenon our organ due its nutritional density.Therefore,frequent breaks are advisable.Relative frequency is dependent upon how reactive your body initially was.However,this cannot replace seeking professional medical advice concerning any existing liver condition you may have!

The Verdict

So,keeping everything balanced is really the key when it comes to eating liver for fatty liver issues.Grabbing a bite or two of this delicious organ that’s packed with nutrients can help keep your body running nicely while simultaneously lowering inflammation in your liver.But,overindulgence could end up doing more harmthan good.

To be honest,eating anything(within reason)with moderation isn’t likely to cause any unexpected disasters.That being said,livers do contain extremely high levels of micronutrients and therefore should not be overconsumed.
Just still thinking about how much everything has changed? (Insert crying GIF here)

Overall, if you’re looking for ways to combat fatty liver disease, adding some nutrient-rich foods like beef liver(Ox,Cow,Pig,Lamb-A great variety who knew!),fish,turkey,& eggy bois into your diet can very well be beneficial just as long as its coupled with an overall healthy lifestyle,having greater focus on clean fruits and veggies,reducing caloric intake &ramping up exercise!

Stay trendy,and stay informed(my usual sign off!).

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