Is eating citric acid bad for you?

Citric acid is a weak organic acid that occurs naturally in citrus fruits. It is commonly used as a food additive to enhance the flavor or preserve the freshness of products such as beverages, canned foods, and even some medication. However, there has been much debate about whether consuming citric acid can have negative effects on our health. In this article, we delve into what citric acid does inside your body and answer the common question – is eating citric acid bad for you?

What is Citric Acid?

To start off with, let’s understand what exactly citric acid is. It’s a natural preservative found in citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and grapefruits (no surprises there!). The white crystalline powder form of citric acid most commonly used in processed foods comes from fermentation of sugars using specific mold cultures.

A Little Science Behind How it’s Made

Before you glaze over, let’s delve quickly into how this happens cause why not?

So basically after sugar gets fermented by select strains of mold cultures like Aspergillus niger –a fungi species commonly known for its use to produce food enzymes– After which all remaining solid matter then gets filtered out leaving behind water soluble salts.. To extract “citrate” Salt solution are treated with H2SO4 , aka sulfuric acids.

It’s due to their delicately acidic nature that they ‘re able activate certain pathways in sensory experiences receptors around your tongue( Trigeminal Nerves)allowing us savour each bite just a little bit more!

Some meats also contain naturally occurring amounts too but usually you should be worried if youre running across people avidly seeking meat with high levels quantity-cause ive got news ..

Benefits Of Consuming Citrus Fruits

Before trashing all drinks containing lemon flavours down the sink here are some potential benefits of taking-in naturally occurring amounts(cause sorry to break it to you, and maybe also myself if thinking otherwise) – this includes:

  • It helps keep the pH level in our body balanced. Citric acid has been shown to help alkalize the blood, which assists in fighting off diseases.
  • Its great for combating Scorbutus ( Scurvy)
  • Helps reduce risk of forming kidney stones
  • Acne prevention because who doesn’t want that?
    But just like everything else, excessive amounts can do more harm than good.

The Dangers Of Consuming Too Much Citric Acid

Ingestion of higher amount citric acid may be harmful to some extent assuming these people are individuals with health conditions/.

Here are some dangers consuming too much citric acid could cause:

Dental Erosion and Cavity Formation

Citric acid is quite acidic(As we’ve hammered on above..) 🔨 when concentrated exposure occurs over a period ,It causes dental erosion thus coarsening or leads up cavities as it dissolves away tooth structure at an accelerated rate.

This generally don’t prolong unless someone subject their teeth daily excessively & directly exposed high concentrate sour substances such lemon juice rinse after meals.Always make sure to swish 😆h2o immediately after 🍋 juice consumption along with making routine brushing / flossing habits customary .

Kidney Stones

A diet rich in excess content citrates consumption will potentially lead formation calcium oxalate stones within your kidneys ;many relate similar issue’s experienced from chronic UTI infections . So let’s bear standard US rates statistics whose sufferers add up close around thousands yearly(age bracket ranges betwixt 20s to late adulthood) all agreeing one thing ..its not fun🤢!

Digestive Issues

Better proceed with caution! Concentrated citrus juices may irritate GI track by inflaming pre-existing medical conditions via painful widespread stomach cramps/diarrhea for those highly susceptible to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) sufferers as well.


Yep, sorry about that one. Though not definitively agreed upon too expansive degree of certainty by scientific research; Many patients dealing with this issue find they experience symptoms escalation after indulging certain brand sodas or Sports drinks-based based on Citric acid level in their ingredients.

Foods containing Citric Acid

A good question would be What foods contain citric acid? Understandably it could get confusing when trying to detect the type of “citrate” substitute listed on food/juice labels

Here is a list potentially useful:

  • Soda(e.g Mountain dew)
  • Canned Tomatoes
  • Gelatin desserts/cheeses
  • Processed Meats like sausage,@ veggie patties and some cuts deli meat
  • Kool aid/powdered drink mix-makers

Just because these products happen to bear higher concentrations doesn’t mean stuffing yourself blindly with healthier options such as several citrus fruits juices cant do damage over time.. Moderation my friends!

Guidelines For Safe Consumption Of Citric Acid

As earlier stated, moderate intake should have little effect on your body especially if you aren’t struggling with any health issues . Individuals undergoing chemotherapies will also most likely have been issued clear regulation consuming natural occurring levels vitamin c .

The following tips essential going forward 😄:
1. Limit canned foods’ juice drinking habits(zinc tab combos anyone?)
2. Try experimenting other types flavorings supplements varying fat content cheeses.
3. Drink h2o post ingesting all acidic beverages just came into contact with ur 👅👀(&clean regularly).Did I mention ingesting h20 ?
4.Included pairing high salt processed meats alongside side salad(some components being incredible sources potassium absorption)could assist in helping mitigate any long term effects a possibly excess amount of citric acid could have on you.
5. Incorporating more veggies and fruits into your diet(within recommendations by general care practitioner)
6. As far as summing things up…Simply avoiding or completely cutting out wholly-of citrus containing products, is not much required unless advised always consult with professionals before making drastic dietary changes!

Final Thoughts

Considering health studies that have been published the question still remains; Is Eating Citric Acid Bad for You?. The best answer essentially would be However you choose to allow it in your life(risk level assessment wise)It should probably still only make-up part of socially well-adjusted balanced diets if safe consumption observed(heh..who knew?). Enjoy life alongside moderating processed food intakes and keep eating what “tastes” good but within reason —Your body may just thank-you after all!

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