Is diarrhea a side effect of xarelto?

Xarelto, the commonly prescribed anticoagulant drug, is known to keep blood clots at bay. However, one side effect that many patients experience is diarrhea. The question on everyone’s mind is whether this discomforting and potentially embarrassing side effect should be a cause for concern or just another minor inconvenience.

Well, let’s dig into it & find out what Xarelto does in our body & how it can lead to bowel trouble.

What Exactly is Xarelto?

Xarelto – AKA rivaroxaban – was first introduced by Janssen Pharmaceuticals (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson) back in 2010 as an alternative to Warfarin. Both drugs help prevent the formation of new blood clots but work differently: Warfarin hinders clotting factors while with Xeralto target factor Xa– an enzyme needed for coagulation.

In simpler terms, if your doctor prescribes you xarelto That means they want to make sure your blood doesn’t clot too much.

How Does Blood Clotting Impact Our Overall Health?

Blood-clotting prevents us from bleeding excessively when we are injured; however prolonged or excessive clotting could lead to unwanted health problem such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), heart attacks, pulmonary embolism (PE), stroke etc.. People who had undergone surgeries or suffering from atrial fibrillation usually uses these medications.

How Can Taking Xarlato Lead To Diarrhea ?

Diarrhea caused by xarlato might happen due to several reasons:

Interference With Natural Colon Bacteria

There are trillions of bacteria in our gut aiding digestive process and regulating bowels movements. When we take any medication orally , They have higher chances of consistently pass through GI tract thereby affecting natural bacterial community- leading disturbed digestion resulting in diarrhea among other bowel-related issues.

Since Xarelto is a gut-selective drug, The intestine’s Xa factorseems to be prone to being “turned off” by the medication [1], which has been shown to alter bacteria communities that help in maintaining our intestinal health. Consequently causing loose stools for the unfortunates.

Increased Fluid Movement Through GI Tract

Xarelto interferes with blood clotting; which would mean an enhanced tendency towards bleeding – this can sometimes lead to internal and rectal hemorrhages & gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea might occur in some patients[2]. Since both melena (black stool)

and hematochezia (blood-containing discharge) are reported side effects of xarelto usage, it isn’t far-fetched for one to imagine how frequent motion may follow suit quite easily.

Other Possible Xaralto Side-Effects

Every individual reacts differently upon taking any new medicine; hence known side-effect lists doesn’t necessarily infer that each patient/person will experience any or all of them.The common ones involving indigestion/digestive problems often listed under somewhat alarming headings like ‘serious’ adverse reactions:

  • delay /loss of absorption(embolic complications)
  • Persistent itching on skin
  • excessive bleeding from minor cuts(bruises/bleeding gums etc.)

Nonetheless, most people using the medication don’t showcase significant issues.[4]

How Long Do These Symptoms Last?

The severity and duration of symptoms experienced vary between individuals including specific factors like dosage intake habits and overall pre-disposition/general health. Generally speaking though,most gastric issue complaints resolve themselves after your body adapts itself &no longer considers Rivaroxaban an invader.

If you find yourself stuck in a seemingly endless loop suffering through one bout again after another? Reach out immediately— most doctors suggest adjusting dosage strength,interval schedule timings so maybe there’s a way out from the drama: You won’t know until you talk to them.

Home Remedies To Cope With Xaralto Induced Diarrhea:

There isn’t really a one remedy that fits all when it comes to drug-induced GI tract discomfort given every body system functions uniquely; however several of the following tips may come in handy :

Diet Tweaks

Too much spice on your plate might give an unwelcome twist while trying to manage xarelto’s tales from down south.Doctor or nutritionist advised customised safe recommendations need serious attention here.

Try choosing non-spicy foods such as dry toast, rice,and yoghurt [2].

Importance Of Hydration

Increasing Water intake and taking sugary-electrolyte solutions for hydration helps combat dehydration through frequent bowel movements[3] – quite possibly also lessening intensity levels of diarrhea

Medication To Address Symptoms

In case diarrheal symptoms are extreme/unbearable not ameliorating with rehydration/ diet change— there are courses of medications your doctor can recommend assist in alleviating pain/intensity; however these must be prescribed by doctors only.

When Should You Get Medical Assistance?

Consult your physician at once If any/all of below manifested signs occur:

  • Severe abdominal cramps & stomach pain accompanied by fever.
  • A sudden onset/worsened loose motion(possibly laced with blood)
  • Prolonged diahorrea episodes alongside vomiting/dizziness/lightheadedness

It’d just be best if medical expertise attested what’s wrong before you go ahead treating something wrongly armed with Google searches

Bottom Line

Without any doubts Xarelto is providing critical health relief for individuals dealing with thrombotic conditions among other disturbances- despite increasing concern over consistent diahrrea during medication period. Normality after disrupted bowel regularities would perhaps bring some much anticipated relief to the unfortunates.

Regardless of the side effects, patients should strictly follow their doctor’s check-up schedules and medication dosage recommendations; seeking immediate medical attention where necessary as they navigate through further health issues or concerns during therapy.

Don’t be shy reaching out & explaining your Xarelto experience, every body is solely unique – sometimes that’s even worth a laugh on how one med alters our metabolism/symptom-displays for good![5]

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