Is dalda good for health?

Picture this. You’re in a grocery store, staring at the array of cooking oils on display. You reach out and grab the carton of Dalda, your mother’s favorite brand. But wait, is Dalda really good for you? Or are you just going along with what your mother has always believed? Fear not folks because today we unravel the truth about everyone’s beloved oil – DALDA.

What is D alda ?

Dalda happens to be a popular hydrogenated vegetable oil that has been present in households since forever! Pioneered by Unilever Pakistan Limited, it was initially known as “Vanaspati ghee.” It has been marketed worldwide under many different names ever since.

This bright yellow semi-solid vegetable fat gets its texture through a process called hydrogenation-It’s an industrial act where liquid oil converts into semisolid margarine or shortening by blasting hydrogen gas through it.

But why do companies like Unilever adopt such mind-bending processes if our natural sources could suffice?

I’ll tell ya why, there are economic reasons behind it! By making cheap and abundant corn or soybean oils solid at room temperature using deadly procedures like Hydrogenization , they end up prolonging their shelf-life which impacts prices positively!

On one hand now there seem to be cost benefits Due to these artificial means but other than that couple questions arise –

> But how safe is this Synthesized substance ?

> Are all All Oils made from Hydrogenated oils harmful?

Let us find out!

Myth busting Begins

Nowadays people are quick to distrust mainstream products without giving them any major thought based on myths spreading across various online forums .So before proceeding further let us break some preconceived notions regarding dalda :

M yth #1 : D alda W ay H eavier T han other O ils

Dalda has always been known for its heavier texture. But is it true? Let’s compare the numbers!

Fat type Serving size (1tbsp) in grams(saturated fat content) Calories
Dalda 13g(1.7g) 118
Olive Oil 13.5 g(2g) 120
Avocado oil – $32

Not so heavy now, eh?

M yth #2 : Using D alda C auses R espiratory P roblems

Many viral messages and forwarded texts claim that when you heat dalda, it emits toxic fumes that can trigger respiratory issues- This one is as good as Cashews will grow on trees! And More than often this was people confusing dalda with another deadly chemical called styrene, which indeed sparks cancerous toxins upon heating.

But remember folks ,It isn’t just hysteria that needs to be weeded out from Public conscience but substances like Styrofoam should remain out of our food cycle whatsoever.

Analyzing D al da a bit more keenly –

Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of ingredients in a DALDA pack…The commonly found Fats are listed here below:

  • soybean oil
  • cottonseed oil
  • palm olein
  • hydrogenated vegetable oils

Palm olein constitutes about 20% of the whole stock . It rises above because it holds high levels of vitamin E but also suffers due to its association with thicker coronary arteries .

But fear not – Dalda contains only slight amounts!

Apart from these components one additional yet controversial ingredient amongst most oils including DALDA is trans fats . The WHO database proclaims by reducing ‘T-rans’ Fats, we can save around 600000 premature Demises annually!

But here’s the catch; even Dalda claims “Zero grams trans fat per serving.” Now this is where people get confused!

As per a study published In 2015 comparative taste tests were conducted amongst original DALDA and two of its revised versions ; their results showed that recipe alterations did diminish it’s T-rans Fat contents. Moreover- with regards to cholesterol levels , modified recipes cumulatively bore healthier outcomes within a month or so .

Thus proving yet again why it’s okay to indulge in small servings of your beloved dalda.

Let us now weigh some instances where D al da isn’t advisable –

I NSTANCE #1 – When Lactating

While dalda comes highly recommended for cooking at home and cheaper eating joints as an alternative for butter, one should avoid consuming hydrogenated oils when lactating period since it impacts digestion rendering babies irritated using colicky tummy amongst numerous other health corollaries !

It Is important during pregnancy to have maternal diets brimming with nutrients because they aid the baby whilst facilitating seamless state-of-mind and immunity maintenance in expectant women!. And thus delicacy like butter seems best avoided by mothers altogether mainly Hydrogonized Vegetable oil based ones.

I NSTANCE #2 – If Suffering from C ardiovascular Issues

Hydrogenated vegetable fats consist mostly of unsaturated fatty acids whose prolonged consumption drastically increase chances of high-dimensional heart diseases affecting our body negatively impacting Blood sugar spikes making us hungrier frequently giving rise to obesity

## Conclusion –
All things considered –One thing We Do vote positively about enjoying too much food (Dalda included) on occassion being detrimental but going pani puri binge once awhile never killed anybody 😆 . However-, anything served beyond limit may mess up our bodies eventually. everything becomes problematic if consumed more than required. 

Remember folks,The most effective way to cultivate a healthy lifestyle is balanced food habits where each nutrient flourishes in moderation! But hey ,Our main question prior holds its true place – Is Dalda Good for your health or not ?

Well, now you know –

It can be provided that The consumption of dalda should remain measured under more controlled environments. Want to escape hazards regarding trans fats altogether? One best idea seems shifting wholeheartedly towards natural organic oils Like our grandmas did . They might prove worthy enough nutritionally and letting the taste buds enjoy all within reason!

Moderation Is what keeps us happier for much longer So make sure u stock up Kaju katlis this Diwali and Ditch any greed forcing you into buying random cooking oil along with it!.

As Michael Pollan once said – “Not eating what stands on one leg”(mushrooms & plants) “is relatively straightforward.
The Chickens and Turkeys we save might have various evolutionary reasons to thank”.

So do yourselves a favor! Research deeply about less persistent issues Just if dalda can get trendy why not self-love through some healthy studies too?.

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