Is combing your hair in the shower bad?

Are you someone who prefers to comb their hair while enjoying the running water in a shower? Well, it’s time to know whether this habit is actually good or bad.

Why Do People Comb Their Hair while Showering?

People have various reasons for combing their hair during a shower, including convenience and ease of detangling. The question is: does it offer any benefits, or does it cause more harm than good? Let us find out.

Pros of Combing Hair While Showering

Here are some advantages that people believe come with combing your hair while taking a shower:

1) Detangles Wet Hair Easily

When your hair gets wet, especially if you have long strands or curls, tangles become inevitable. Most people agree that combing through these knots becomes easier when done with wet hair under running water; as opposed to waiting until after washing before attempting to untangle them.

2) Saves Time

Combing your hair simultaneously when bathing can help save valuable time by completing two chores at once.

3) Reduces Frizz

Many people will attest that this method helps reduce frizz caused by humid weather conditions.

Fair enough! However….

Cons of Combing Your Hair While Showering

Despite the above-stated pros that lend support to this ritualistic grooming behavior, there are also potential unwanted effects associated with brushing one’s mane whilst amidst cascading water droplets. Some disadvantages include:

1) Can Lead To More Breakage

The primary disadvantage of shampoo-combining involves breakage from applying too much pressure on delicate roots which may result in ripping off hairs altogether from excessive manipulation.

2) Causes Clogged Drains

Another problem involves frequent clogging up plumbing outlets due to strands getting caught up around bristles and twists over time plus consuming additional effort for their removal at later times.

3) Wastes Water

Combing hair while showering wastes a substantial amount of water and may lead to an increased consumption of this precious resource beyond what is necessary, particularly if your showers are generally long.

Other Alternatives?

Admittedly, engaging in the combination habit versus after-bathing combing has not been scientifically proven as harmful. Nevertheless, it is suitable for individuals with more extended tresses or thicker manes and may prefer brushing these out when wet under running water.

Another potential alternative involves careful detangling alongside longer application periods using milder shampoos along with conditioners that help keep strands hydrated and prevent tangling from forming altogether post-washing. Therefore ridding yourself of that clog/tangle blockage problem without actually throwing away any further minutes!


In conclusion (and no surprise here), there is currently no steadfast rule prohibiting individuals from catching up on their grooming whilst experiencing warm cascading droplets over their crowning glory; but because of its unpredictability relying solely upon one particular method may not always be the best practice through thick and thin hair days alike!

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