Is coconut a diuretic?

Are you the type of person who is always running to the bathroom? You know, one minute you’re walking down the street minding your business, and then – bam! – suddenly nature calls. “Why me?“, you ask yourself for the hundredth time that day.

If this sounds like you, then listen up. You might be curious to know whether coconut can help or worsen your condition. After all, some foods are well-known diuretics that make people pee more often than they would otherwise do. So what about coconut water or coconut milk?

What is a diuretic exactly?

According to, “a diuretic is any substance that promotes increased production of urine.” This could include certain medications such as high blood pressure meds; caffeine and alcohol also have minor diuretic effects.

So if we were to apply this definition specifically on coconut products’ supposed “diuretic effect,” it generally means consuming these will increase urinary frequency (1).

But I thought coconuts were used as remedies for dehydration

Yes indeed! Coconuts in their many forms don’t only add flavor variety to dishes but have numerous healthy benefits too! They may prevent heart disease and obesity while leaving their hydrating properties unchallenged (hence why it’s frequently marketed towards athletes).

Research has shown that drinking plain old H2O isn’t actually inferior compared compared with sports drinks which contain added salts sugars/ vitamins ( Coconut water however is naturally enriched with potassium electrolytes– making it an effective replacement fluid when exercising vigorously (3).

Still unconvinced? Symptoms indicating mild dehydration also includes headache—coconut oil’s antioxidant properties can help treat headaches caused by overheat during strenuous activities: adding value even outside its hydration sources!

Are there different types of coconuts?

There are many different types of coconuts found all over the world! As a ground rule, we’re interested in 2 main kinds that dominate most taprooms; water coconuts and mature coconuts.
1. Water coconut: With its younger state, water content is predominately located inside- though sold in packaged form these don’t last long beyond supermarket shelves
2. Mature coconut: Often used to extract oil from the meat (and not consumed fresh), often chewed raw too making it readily available for immediate consumption (4).

Can Drinking Coconut Milk be an Effective Diuretic?

Coconut milk on the other hand has entirely different nutritional profiles compared to simple milk products or non-dairy alternatives such as soy-based milks..

In case you didn’t know, when made into beverage form, dairy products like cheese and cow’s milk can stimulate diuresis due to their calcium content; conversely , whatever little humdrum studies follow about how drinking one particular kind of liquid influences urine output – They have never shown any specific correlation between coconut intake and urinary frequency

So here’s why it doesn’t seem logical enough to proceed with this belief:

An average cup serving size (240ml )of unsweetened organic full-fat coconut milk merely contains,
Calories = 550+ > Caloric excesses cause more fluid retention instead
Fat =127g (!)
Sugar= ~5g

Fats take much longer than carbs/protein foods before they take effect physically—considering fats require undergoing metabolic processes before achieving benefits unlike sugars which get quickly absorbed by insulin receptors .

Therefore while widely misunderstood but unlikely to increase urine output via “diuretic” effects per se – similar observations laid out if taken larger amounts overall causing bloating/indigestion.


If you haven’t realized yet, coconuts’ ability to hydrate means they are, in fact, anti-diuretic as opposed to promoting frequent urination.

Mature coconuts consumed raw or its oils are plausibly more fitting as a holistic solution for saturated fats and hydration respectively.

In any case, the next time someone suggests coconut water will ‘flush out your system.’, feel free to politely decline their pharmaceutical advice!

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