Is children’s benadryl gluten free?

The idea of allergies is quite taken for granted until somebody starts itching their way through an episode, and suddenly it’s pure chaos. There are different types of allergic reactions, but the most common ones in children include food allergies, seasonal allergies, skin conditions like eczema or hives, and asthma (which could be triggered by allergens). One common medication given to kids when dealing with allergy symptoms is liquid Children’s Benadryl. For parents who want to check on their child’s gluten consumption , they wonder if it’s safe to give them Children’s Benadryl without encountering gluten issues.

What is Gluten?

Gluten refers to a type of protein commonly found in grains such as wheat , barley , oats,and rye . When people with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity consume gluten-containing foods; it triggers an autoimmune response causing severe health problems .

However one question lingers:
Is this series from Johnson & Johnson product containing any trace amount of gluten ?

What Contain The Kids Allergy Medicine?

To make sure benadryl for kids is safe ; we need made some overview .Benadryl® produces liquid medications to treat coughs,colds,pains,histamines release etc.They usually come in different flavors -cherry-grape-flavored syrup/liquid formula .

Children’s Benadryly contains antihistamine drug diphenhydramine HCL at trade name : Nytol,Dormin,Somnol.Diphenhydramine itself doesn’t contain recognizable amounts of gluten .

Other substances within the formulation that might worry coeliacs :
– Dry molasses
– High fructose corn syrup which increasingly has been produced without containing any proteins.
– Carmel colouring substance

In fact,dosages for oral administration don’t resemble anything remotely present in wheat protein.

Other Allergy Remedies Available

If you’re still uncomfortable with the above answer or maybe your child has more of an intolerance to certain preservatives and additives than gluten itself, other over-the-counter medicines exist. Ones that cater specifically for Gluten-sensitive are not available but medicine such as Claritin,Loratadine,Zyrtec etc. usually provide relief on bothersome symptoms affecting sufferers.

There’s no need for parents to continuously worry about giving their children Benadryl unless they know for sure there is a history of negative responses or allergies to it .

Keep in mind ,It should only be used after speaking with a certified physician ; especially if kids might potentially react against some allergic medication ingredients like nuts,eggs and soy- The ones being cut out from gluten-free diets too .

In Conclusion

Trying to identify specific medical products containing certain proteins could easily ruin quite a few meals .Even though Children’s Benadryl contains high fructose corn syrup which is sourced from maize,there are no traces amount confirming any existence of grains or gluten in these antihistamines . Hence, Johnson & Johnson assures custumer’s needs by commiting ourselves toward producing ‘nothing but purest allergy medications’!

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