Is cheez its good for you?

Are you a die-hard fan of Cheez-Its? Do you crave their cheesy goodness day and night? If so, you might be wondering if it’s actually good for you. Well, my friend, let’s get ready to delve into the world of Cheez It nutrition facts because we’re about to find out!

What Are Cheez-Its Made Of?

First thing first – what are these little orange squares made of anyway? The primary ingredient in Cheez-It crackers is enriched flour (wheat flour fortified with vitamins and minerals). Other ingredients include vegetable oil, cheese made from skim milk (if only!), salt, whey protein concentrate and various additives that give them their signature flavor.

Let’s Get To The Bottom Line

So now comes the million-dollar question: “Can eating Cheez Its regularly part of your healthy diet?” Honestly – it depends.

On one hand, they have some pretty decent nutritional value. A single serving (27 crackers) contains 150 calories along with an impressive dose of calcium and iron. They also provide carbohydrates making them a source for “quick” energy & fiber as well being low in sugar which can be great in moderation! However; let’s not forget another important fact; just one serving has approximately 8 grams total fat including 2 grams saturated fat (cue sad noise).

Nutritional Value Table

Type Total Value
Calories per Serving 150
Calcium %DV 15%
Iron %DV 10%
Carbohydrates 17g
Fiber -1gGrabs animated bleeding mouth graphics
Sugars -1g Whistles nervously

Disclaimer: As funny as those asterisks were supposed to look…Please don’t eat things that subtract your body’s essential fiber and sugar intake! Not being able to poop, as it turns out, is not fun.

Let’s Talk About the Ingredients

When examining any food product, one should carefully look at its ingredients list – something that most people shy away from doing. In Cheez-Its case though – it’s no secret what they are made of: wheat flour (enriched), vegetable oil (soybean or palm kernel oils with TBHQ for freshness) cheese made from skim milk (keep reading), salt along with some other common additives.

Can I Introduce Them Into My Kid’s Lunchbox?

What does this all mean? Well while you may want to reach for these tasty little squares when hunger pains in conversation pieces come around; moderation is advised along with seeking alternatives altogether. When thinking about feeding your child cheez-its as part of their lunch or snacks… also consider if having a basic sandwich on whole-wheat bread paired with an apple might be more beneficial overall diet-wise – long term health > temporary satisfaction afterall!

Unfortunately eating Cheez Its regularly doesn’t support healthy living habits over the long run so try reaching for better snacking options instead of making them apart of your routine (cue emergency alarm bells). We’ve listed out a few healthier alternative below here:

1) Roasted Chickpeas/Garbanzo Beans
2) Baby Carrots + hummus/tzatziki
3) Almonds/Walnuts

Of course there are many different types of eaters out there who enjoy tasting things from time-to-time but think “healthy” first before satisfying those cravings!

Summing It Up

So Some nutritional additions don’t completely negate the fact though that cheez-its must still be enjoyed in moderation rather apart than a daily affair whenever possible even if they happen to taste amazing. Remember investing in cleaner snacks and creating better eating habits are key to successfully managing overall health and wellness.

Stay cheesy, but try to consume slowly!!

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