Is chantix safe 2018?

Are you a smoker who has tried everything to quit, but simply can’t seem to kick the habit? Have you heard about Chantix? Maybe you’re wondering whether it’s safe or not. Well, my friend, that’s precisely what we’ll be exploring today. So buckle up and get ready for some interesting facts about this controversial drug.

The Origins of Chantix

Before we delve into the question of safety, let’s first explore where this drug came from. Developed by Pfizer in 2006, Chantix is a prescription medication used as an aid for smoking cessation. It works by targeting nicotine receptors in your brain and reducing the pleasure associated with smoking.

The Good News About Chantix

While there are stories out there about terrible side effects and people turning into zombies while taking Chantix, here is some good news:

Effective In Quitting Smoking

Multiple studies have shown that smokers who took Champix were more likely to quit smoking than those who didn’t take any medication.

Lower Risk Of Serious Cardiovascular Events

A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine found that participants taking Champix experienced fewer serious cardiovascular events like heart attacks compared to those on placebo.

Low Addiction Rates

Controlled substance legislation was imposed due to addiction risks related primarily related too; however newer controlled substances carry lesser chance of addiction activation which also suggests decreased risk compared non-controlled cigarettes containing ample substances known cause physiological addiction..specifically tobacco brand companies undermine longer until demonstrated high prevalence typically report actual vice versa though constantly plead case industry-favored science..

All factors mentioned above create increased positivity regarding if medications are safe or genuinely accurate as alternatives logically most effective substitute being no product use at all!

So far so good right? Well hold on just one second because now things start getting tricky…

The Bad News About Chantix

While Chantix has been shown to be effective in getting smokers to quit, it’s not without its issues. Here are some of the bad news worthy areas that require serious assessment before proceeding:

Increased Risk Of Suicide Ideation

One of the biggest concerns surrounding Champix is that taking it may increase your risk of depression, anxiety and even suicide. A study published by institute linked FDA results found evidence showing these risks.

Psychotic Episodes & Self-Injury Risks

Another study indicated that users who took Chantix experienced increased rates of psychiatric side effects such as delusions, hallucinations or violent self-injurious behaviour which included vivid dreams and hostile behavior towards others.

What You Should Consider Before Taking Champix

If you’re thinking about taking Chantix, there are a few things you should consider beforehand:

Medical History And Specific Health Conditions

Let your doctor know if you have any medical conditions (such as diabetes), since this may influence whether they recommend Chantix or not. Certain medications (like blood thinners) may also interact with it poorly – so make sure to bring a list of all the drugs you’re currently taking too!

Watch For Side Effects

Possible side-effects like nausea or headaches are completely normal but irritability, aggression/violence-related episodes must immediately reported; just the same when noting over time abnormally altered mood-shifts sustained for days at a time.

Consult Your Histology Specialist Doctor

Before making any big decisions on treatment options our certified histologists strongly recommend seeking further advice from professionals with much medical experience through culture collected together into specialist guilds with duties for testing these active ingredients possible harmful components involved first determining best course action personal circumstances.

Conclusion: Is It Safe To Take Champix In 2018?

So here’s what we think… While data tends to confirm generally more positive benefits being reported, one must consider beforehand if the potential risks outweigh benefits in psychotropic management. It’s not a sure thing and every risk is personal. Although Chantix has been shown to be effective in getting smokers to quit smoking, it’s undeniable that there are some significant risks associated with taking this medication too.

In light of all this information we believe everyone who might consider/indulge must undergo overall health assessment including professional psychiatric interventions assessing depression or anxiety symptoms experienced prior continuing Chantix regimen since these two elements have known associations with higher morbidity indicators which should make you think twice about whether or not you’re willing try out Chantix as an alternative to quitting on your own.

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