Is boric acid suppositories safe for bv?

Boric acid has been used for over 100 years to help and in some cases cure Bacterial Vaginosis

Overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina.

. It works really well because it’s an antiseptic and anti bacterial which means it will directly target the bacteria involved with BV rendering them useless.

Does boric acid kill good bacteria? Boric acid kills all bacteria. It kills all of your good bacteria along with the bad, leading to recurrent BV. The growth of some bacterial is reasonable in the vagina, and it is naturally essential for its health. But the use of boric acid kills the entire population of bacteria that can worsen your situation.

Can boric acid kill you? This weak acid derived from minerals, has antimicrobial properties and, as such, can treat a number of minor health conditions. Boric acid is poisonous, however, so what can kill one-celled creatures can also kill humans if used improperly.

Is boric acid good for your vagina? Boric acid is a great remedy to get rid of the discomforts of vaginitis. Its antiseptic and antifungal properties help reduce itching, pain, and irritation. Furthermore, it purifies the vagina and reestablishes its pH level.

Where can you buy boric acid capsules? Boric acid powder should be readily available at most convenience stores such as Walmart, CVS, and Rite Aid. If you cannot find it, a pharmacist can probably order it for you. Look for empty gel capsules at local stores and pharmacies like Walmart, a vitamin or health food store,…

Do you need to be careful with boric acid?

Do you need to be careful with boric acid? The one thing you need to be mindful of is the fact boric acid does not discriminate between good and bad bacteria. It will wipe anything that comes into it’s path so make sure you are supplementing it with a good source of probiotics to keep the friendly bacteria in high numbers.

Why is boric acid good for your vagina? Boric acid vaginal suppositories kill all bacteria indiscriminately. There are actually a lot of good bacteria called lactobacilli. Lactobacilli are the unsung heroes, they work hard to keep your vagina healthy and smelling fresh. When you have a strong population of lactobacilli, they actually help keep out the odor-causing bacteria.

Why is boric acid good for yeast infections? In some cases they can stick to the vaginal wall and create biofilms making it even harder to get rid of. Boric acid also has anti-microbial and anti-fungal activity beyond its pH effects. That may contribute to its ability to fight yeast infections and trichomoniasis.

Is there a cure for BV with boric acid? Though it seems counterintuitive, boric acid is actually hailed as a cure for BV. “Boric acid capsules are a well-established treatment for bacterial vaginosis.” Dr. Rebecca Levy-Gantt instruct patients to keep a supply of boric acid suppositories for when they start to experience BV symptoms.