Is boric acid good for bv?

It’s the dreaded itching and burning sensation, coupled with an unpleasant smell caused by Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). It’s not just uncomfortable but also extremely frustrating. Fortunately, there are numerous cures available in the market to address this condition once and for all.

One of those treatments is boric acid. But wait, can it work? Here we will provide you with everything about the effectiveness of boric acid when it comes to curing bacterial vaginosis.

What is BV?

BV is a common bacterial infection that happens mostly in women between reproductive ages. It occurs as a result of abnormal bacteria growth within your vagina leading to several symptoms such as fishy vaginal odor, unusual discharge, and itchiness. Although some women may experience no apparent symptoms at all.

Making matters worse, most ladies opt-out of going to see their doctor because discussing such issues feels daunting! The good news is that several remedies for easing these discomforts have been crafted over time (being one of them – winks)!

Does Boric Acid Help Treat BV?

With various concoctions out there containing fragrances and chemicals that could cause skin irritation or mess up your pH levels further , simplicity often wins . Molecules like boric acid have grown so much appeal from ladies across different age groups who want relief… fast .

Following research on this substance’s particular properties and its direct impact on our nether regions — results have shown quick treatment than prescription antibiotics in addressing BV! These findings do sound promising enough without including the costs (and embarrassment) involved in ordering medication online & waiting days after application before seeing signs off progress…

Although available scientific data suggests more evidence should be gathered before marking any absolute claims on how effective using boric acid would be given other health factors… However; user reviews express nothing short of pure satisfaction following usage.

Effectiveness of Boric Acid: Dosage & Functions

So, What Exactly is Boric Acid?

Boric acid — also called hydrogen borate, boracic acid or simply… boron(kidding)–is a chemical compound naturally found in nature. It’s typically sourced from the mineral ‘szaibelyite,’ which can be mined .

We don’t want to bore you with scientific details (<- Everyone loves puns) but its transparency and crystalline structure still allow it to dissolve quickly in water. Quite amazing! Now let’s dive into how and when boric acid could come through for us as women facing BV:

How Does It Work?

The main function of boric acid when used is to optimize your pH levels within the vagina thus allowing good bacteria (lactobacilli ) re-establish itself over bad ones potentially harboring BV…

Increased vaginal acidity thanks to this certainly creates an unfavorable environment for other unwanted substances surviving inside your genitalia – like yeast cells — making their quick eradication possible!

Its effectiveness reaches beyond antibiotics because it targets only harmful bacteria living down there while leaving our desired ‘good guys’ alone instead of killing both at once.

Correct Dosing

There are different quantities available for purchase based on brand – usually between 300mg – 600mg capsules. Always talk with a health professional should you have doubts about usage before starting any home remedy .

It’s essential that dosages account for individual needs since these will vary depending on the severity (and duration) of one’s infection/symptoms up until treatment:

For Moderate symptoms: You’d need a 600mg capsule inserted vaginally at bedtime daily before bed fou7 consecutive days.

Severe cases require twice-daily insertion till symptoms subside after using medical opinion advice

Quick relief doesn’t mean overdose ! More than suggested intake becomes toxic even though signs of toxicity are rare .

OVERDOSE SYMPTOMS to keep in mind include : vomiting, pink urine, diarrhea, and blue-colored skin)

Are There Any Risks & Side Effects of Using Boric Acid For BV?

We cannot stress this enough: Be sure to consult health care practitioners before starting any home remedy – particularly when treating sensitive body areas like female regions.

Boric acid is generally known for safe usage treatment –asides overdosing– but some could react adversely or due to pre-existing ailments. Small minority side effects experienced possible toward the end process such as minor spotting/bleeding – though not harmful!

More serious adverse reactions including burning sensations near applicable areas should compel one stop and visit a doctor’s office with immediate effect(s).

There have been cases recorded involving pediatric consumption resulting from incorrect storage locations , which could lead to diarrhea ! It’s important you store capsules out of reach children at all times !!! A good idea always being storing them away securely.

Everything You Need To Know Before Trying Out Boric Acid

Can I Still Engage In Intercourse While Undergoing Treatment?

It’s often suggested that activities- both sexual( intercourse ) and nonsexual (tampon insertion)-should be avoided during use! Now, you wouldn’t want ingredients still dwelling around when ur partner darts his way in there would you? Meanwhile; tampons used during medication periods can also absorb fluids making it less effective-so just steer clear till fully recovered.

Nonetheless; condoms remain a trusted option whilst receiving treatment safe protection isn’t annoying so why not?).

Pregnant Women And Boric Acid Usage

Studies conducted on boric acid connected to fetal abnormalities resulted in mixed results… Though the ER encountered few cases involving severe body damage including loss of consciousness!

To summarize if intending use contextually talk with doctors beforehand about options better suited for pregnant women… Prevention staying the best cure anytime.

Over-The-Counter Or Prescription Only?

It’s worthy of note that only certain drugs can always suffice medically examined conditions (with certification to boot) – NAADAC , the National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors.

Some options are available at health stores as dietary supplements without official approval – be careful with such products when purchasing.

Make sure what you have in possesion is FDA approved before considering any DIY action!

OUR VERDICT: Does Boric Acid Cure BV FOR GOOD ?

We did the research so YOU wouldn’t have to & it’s beckons why boric acid receives such rave views from women worldwide tackling this issue ! Yes it works; but just ensure correct intake ‘cause more doesn’t equate quick results .

There Are Loads Of Testimonies Around Confirming This! Symptoms disappearing totally after treatment periods, longer product shelf life than alternatives with most affordability ALSO contribute positively towards its use by several ladies dealing with bacterial vaginosis cases!.

Ultimately there isn’t an absolute solution or single cure-all formula… But next time a recurrent case crops up(because no one hopes for a reoccurrence ) , consider putting “boric acid” on your to-do list of interventions & watch things normalize again – like they were intended !”

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