Is borax safe to ingest?

If you are looking for a miracle ingredient that can tackle most of your household problems, then borax might already be on your mind. This multi-purpose cleaning agent has been known for its ability to kill germs, soften water and remove stains in no time.

But the question arises, is borax safe to ingest?

Well, this article will give you all the information about borax so that you could know better whether it is safe to consume or not.

What exactly is borax?

Borax (Na2B4O7•10H2O) also called sodium borate or sodium tetraborate decahydrate, forms crystals as colorless salt which dissolve easily in water. The compound has an alkaline pH around 9.3 making it caustic but useful for various applications such as agriculture and laundry among others.

Uses of Borax

  • Cleaning agent
  • Pesticide
  • Preservative medication
  • Anti-fungal agent
  • Flux (Soldering)

It’s incredible how one cleaning agent can serve several purposes; imagine if we humans were like that! Well besides being known as a fantastic cleaning product with immense versatility (while I’m sure all of us wish we had that) , let’s look at whether consuming it involves any health risks or not.

Is It Safe To Consume Borax?

The answer purely depends upon who you ask! Many people suggest using small amounts while many claim even those amounts may lead to harm. With everyone saying different things about the same item; what should one make out exactly from these contrasting statements? Thus let me shed light onto both perspectives concerning ingesting Borax:


1.Boron – Provides Health Benefits:
Being a source of element ‘boron’, when consumed in low doses it acts as healthy mineral leading towards various bodily functions. Can aid in the development of bones, help regulate hormones and raise testosterone level among some benefits.

  1. Fights Arthritis Symptoms:
    As Boron consumption may reduce tissue inflammation which causes joint pains; Thus improves arthritis symptoms leading towards better health outcomes.

  2. Relief from cardiac arrest:
    Borax works as a life-saving agent preventing body cells from deteriorating hence ensuring improved results during CPR procedures.


1.Leads to Inflammation:

Research shows it leads to cellular inflammation when present in higher doses hence potentially harmful for several illnesses (Intense brain cell damage is one such threat) .Therefore not recommended above lower dosages advised by doctors or experts around 1/8th tablespoon and not exceeding over a cup per day (which seems like common sense)

2.Kidney Damage – One needs to be careful:

While typically kidneys filter out almost every toxin consumed, many users have experienced kidney stones with those who consume high amounts of borate leading towards further investigation regarding any potential damage caused.

Legal Position

Moreover, FDA has deemed Sodium Borate/Boric Acid unsafe due to reproductive system difficulties that emerge from its presence in higher quantities within the body(might I just mention that if you do find yourself consuming anything where ‘reproductive system difficulties’ could occur then your first thought should NOT be “what’s considered too much?”).

Thus even though there may or may not exist certain advantages attached to boron consumption,and despite studies being divided on what optimum dosage should look like – Our recommendation will always remain consistent: Stick To Conventional Use – Do Not Ingest!

What Are The Side Effects Of Consuming Borax?

The side effects come with everything once taken more than needed/permitted; thus it varies based on how much discussed amount did an individual intake? Though mentioned earlier research affirmed that even small overdoses could lead towards toxicity manifesting signs involving :

  • Abdominal Pain
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Redness/Erythema on skin

Most users have not experienced any such symptoms while some others have had serious consequences, stressing the importance of understanding recommedned optimal dosages.

Final Verdict

Considering all factors, its current FDA classification paired with an even division within academic research finding no “safe” level when consumed in large quantities would suggest that taking Borax is far from ideal. If considered for personal use and application purposes following guidelines advised should be taken as mandatory to mitigate harms associated with it ( Stay reasonable people!)