Is borage oil starflower oil?

When it comes to trendy oils and supplements, it’s easy to get confused between names. One such conundrum that people face while browsing through health stores is whether borage oil is the same as starflower oil? If you too have been scratching your head about this question for some time now, then wonder no more! We are here to give you all the deets on borage vs starflower oil.

What Is Borage Oil?

Borage oil is extracted from the seeds of borage herb (Borago officinalis), which has blue flowers and hairy leaves. It’s an ancient plant documented since medieval times when herbalists used it for its medicinal properties. The yellow-colored borage flower has even lent its name to a French saying- “La fleur de Bourrache” – meaning someone who blushes easily.

Nutritional Profile Of Borage Oil

Here’s why drinking or consuming borage oil might be up your alley:
– High in γ-linolenic acid (GLA); a healthy omega 6 fatty acid.
– Rich in oleic and palmitic acids found commonly in olive and coconut oil respectively.
– Contains antioxidant Vitamin E

The yummy fats mentioned above may help reduce inflammation, maintain hormonal balance, lower bad cholesterol levels, improve skin hydration & appearance etcetera. Some preliminary scientific research also suggests using GLA could potentially aid weight loss woes.

However, do note that these findings are still under scrutiny by credible scientists before formal conclusions can be drawn cough unlike those promulgate by quacks selling online cough.


You must be wondering how to use this magical liquid kryptonite-like substance? Well if you can’t chug it down like Viking ravenously guzzling mead after pillaging England then here are a few ways you can incorporate borage oil into your daily routine:


  • You may consume 1 teaspoon of the oil with your meals, either alone or mixed in any beverage or smoothie.
  • Another variation is to use it as salad dressing, instead of mundane mustard vinaigrette.

Topical Application

rubbed on skin (after diluting with a carrier oil like coconut or olive), borage hydrosols can calm down irritated and dry skin.

But coming back to the topic at hand- what about starflower oil? How does it differ from good ol’ boragio?

What Is Starflower Oil?

Starflower (Borago officinalis) is also often referred to as ‘borage.’ So technically both these oils come from the same plant family! However, there’s one major difference: while borage seeds have around 20% GLA content, starflowers contain an even higher concentration of this omega fatty acid ~ naturally occurring up to 25%. It means more concentrated goodness for people targeting its anti-inflammatory properties!

Nutritional Profile Of Starf Lower Oil

Here’s what makes this rising rockstar stand out!
– Rich source of GLA5
– Contains essential omega 3 &9 fatty acids
High antioxidantsVitamin E ester & carotenoids7

In a study published by Iranian researchers, patients suffering from eczema who were treated with topical starflower oil experienced significant improvements compared to placebo; e.g., better hydration and less itching^1. But do not expect miracle results overnight similar like those promised by Dracula if female virgin blood will solve all his problems eye roll.


So how can you harness its benefits:


Consumption – Add two teaspoons into warm/hot drinks or breakfast cereal/pudding. You can chug it right out of the bottle too.

Topical Applications

Topical Application – Mix carrier oils like coconut, olive with a couple of drops and rub directly into affected areas for best results!

So, Is Borage Oil Starflower oil?

To summarize in one sentence- yes and no! 😊

While both are derived from the same Borago officinalis plant family—one is extracted from borage seeds (borage) while other is derived more directly from starflowers (starflower). They have similar benefits but different concentrations of GLA, as mentioned above Wink!

If you’re someone who likes experimenting on your own skin/body then we suggest trying both options to notice any differences yourself. Some people might prefer standard boragio due to its lower risk profile whereas others feel that they get better benefits by using purer source such as stellaria types.

That being said let’s not hop onto every ‘unicorn’ health wagon without knowing foundations first lest we become those very horses ourselves?!

Remember – No Substitutes For A Balanced Diet

It bears repeating; eating a balanced diet consisting of nutrient-dense meals including fruits & vegetables unparalleled substitutes when it comes to achieving optimal health even if does not provide immediate gratification akin to pigging out double-cheese pizza at 2am in morning after pubbing spree.

So try incorporating these healthy fats into your life wherever possible but please do consult professional before blindly believing WhatsApp forwards or impulsive shopping sprees induced by commercial scumbags trying cash in on latest fads!

Bear up buttercup because knowledge is power! Or was it pain? One never knows till actually tries!

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