Is avocado good for stomach ulcer?

When it comes to stomach ulcers, you’ve probably heard a ton of conflicting advice. One source may tell you to avoid acidic foods like citrus and tomatoes, while another recommends eating them. But what about avocado? Can this beloved fruit be beneficial for those suffering from stomach ulcers? Read on to find out!

What Exactly is a Stomach Ulcer?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of whether or not avocados can soothe your stomach ulcer woes, let’s first establish what a stomach ulcer actually is. A stomach ulcer (also known as a gastric ulcer) is an open sore that develops on the inside lining of your stomach.

How Do You Get One Though?

The root cause of most gastric ulcers is infection with Helicobacter pylori bacteria or long-term use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). However – and this might surprise you – stress isn’t actually thought to cause an ulcer directly, but it can definitely worsen symptoms.

The Skinny on Avocados

Alrighty then, let’s talk about everybody’s favorite creamy green fruit: the mighty avocado! This fruit has gained quite the reputation in recent years as being somewhat of ahem…superfood; rich in fiber and healthy fats, packed full of vitamins and minerals, among other things. It’s no wonder more people are including avocados in their diets lately than ever before!

The Nutritional Value

This bizarrely shaped fruit contains various nutrients such as manganese, niacin and vitamin C along with goodness like Riboflavin which promotes gut health by supporting nutrient absorption/aiding digestion etc

But will these benefits help those who are struggling with painful ulcers when they eat even seemingly bland food? Well…

So…Can Avocado Help With Your Gastric Ulcer?

While there’s no direct evidence that avocado can specifically help repair stomach ulcers, many nutritionists believe it could certainly play a beneficial role in managing related symptoms.

Avocado and Vitamin E

For one, avocados boast high levels of vitamin E which is not only an excellent antioxidant/anti-inflammatory but also appears to positively affect the gut’s microbiome. More importantly for our purposes though, research carried out on rats with ulcer-inducing substances found significant improvements in gastric health among rats fed diets rich in vitamin E – something they got a heck of a lot of by eating avocados (and other beanies and weenies).

The Role That Guacamole Can Play

Then you have guac; close your eyes and imagine that yummy goodness slathered on toast or chips. Chances are good that any dish containing avocado has healthy amounts of monounsaturated fat…
The reason why this matters? Monounsaturated fats tend actually o promote satiety while reducing hunger pangs along with protecting mucous membranes, thank god as easing inflammation/microbial imbalances/restoring gut function etc So if eating guacamole satisfies us longer whilst helping heal our precious tums too – all hail!

Some Other Foods Too…

But before you go ahead and start adding extra servings of holy guacamoles into your diet like it’s going outta style! There are some other foods worth mentioning here which could potentially aid those with stomach ulcer issues:


Nope not just another overcooked hated-mother side dish…Broccoli contains sulforaphane – a compound known to possess potent anti-oxidant effects hence aiding gastrointestinal inflammation issues prevalent within people dealing with ulcers alike.


Yes boring ole’ oats: But who knew?! …as sources claim Oats contain beta-glucan fibers noted for their digestive benefits as well as anti-ulcerogenic effect acting to normalise gastrointestinal inflammation – something we ulcers grubbers need of course.

Now, It’s Time for the Boom or Bust

Now it’s decision time: do avocados make sense for people with stomach ulcers? The current scientific consensus is that there isn’t enough direct evidence to definitively state that avocado can cure your ulcer, but given its nutriet-richness and anecdotal reports from many affected individuals alike (they swear by adding it into diet)

Heck if nothing else; options such as guacamole could actually be a gentle way to gain some nutrition without interfering too harshly with existing symptoms. In summary then because someone yelled ‘wrap it up’

To Avocado or Not Avocado?

As always, everyone has their own unique body chemistry so what works for one person may not work for another. That being said? Eating at least one avocado per day just sounds like good advice! But for those prone to gastric issues (raises hand), speak first with primary care professional before making any major dietary changes (we surely don’t want anyone mad/scared/directionless ultimately).

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