Is aveeno really natural?

We’ve all seen commercials for it, we might have even used it, but is Aveeno really natural? Let’s take a closer look at what goes into making this popular skincare brand.

What Is Aveeno?

Before we dive deep into whether or not Aveeno is natural, let’s first define what exactly it is. Aveeno is a brand of skincare products that are marketed as being gentle on sensitive skin and perfect for those with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. The most common products in the Aveenoline include lotions, body washes, shampoos and conditioners.

What Makes A Product “Natural?”

The term “natural” can be pretty vague when it comes to skincare products. Generally speaking though,a product could be considered natural if it contains ingredients that come from nature (like plant extracts) rather than synthetic chemicals created in labs by humans. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a product only consists of completely unaltered natural ingredients; oftentimes there are preservatives or other additives needed to keep things shelf-stable.

However,it’s important to note that just because something has natural ingredients does not automatically make them safe or effective – after all, many poisons found in nature!

So now that we’ve established what makes a product “natural,” let’s talk about whether or not Aveeno meets these standards.

Ingredients In Avenueo Products

To determine whether or not an ingredient qualifies as being “natural”, you need to evaluate how the substance was extracted from its source.Accordingly,to find out if aveenproductsare genuinely-naturalor-not.,we mustanalyzetheiringredientsto see where theycomefrom and howthey’reprocessedin their formulations.’

Colloidal Oatmeal

One word you’ve probably heard associated withAveenoskincare lineis colloidal oatmeal.So, will colloidal oatmealamakeAveeno a “natural” product? Colloidal oatmeal is created by grinding up oats and boiling them down into a fine powder-like substance. It doesn’t go through much processing beyond that, making it pretty darn natural.


Next up we have glycerin, which is found in many of the Aveeno products as well. Glycerin technically comes from plant sources (like soybeans or coconut) – so far, so good! However,the process used to extract it isn’t super-“natural.”The actual scientific term for this process is hydrolysis or saponification depending on the starting fat molecule. In layman’s terms, this means reacting fats with lye and then neutralizing it with an acid.


Dimethiconeis also a common ingredient in many Aveenoproducts.What Is Dimethicone AndIsItNatural?

Good question,”What even is dimethicone?” you may be wondering. Dimethicone isa silicone-based polymerthat’s frequently used in cosmetics like skin creams because it gives them their silky smooth texture;this slippery barrier helps lock moisture within our skin.

So is dimethodennatural? Not exactly- although silicones are derived from silica (a naturally occurring mineral), they’re manufactured synthetically using petrochemicals as raw materials.So,this particular ingredient can’t really pass muster when considering whether-Aveenoskincare productsare truly-naturalor not since itsderivedfrom petroleum ratherthan growingon plants.

Cetyl Alcohol

Lastly,a creamy lotion wouldn’t be complete without some sort of waxy emollient to hold everything together.Enter:cetyl alcohol.Cetyl alcoholcomesfrom coconutor palm oiland istypicallyaddedtoskincare formulationsas an emulsifier.Generally speaking,it’salright to classify cetylasa”natural” ingredient.All the same,there are also some concerns re: palm oil plantationsnot always being sustainable or ethically managed- so this is something to keep in-mind.

The Final Verdict

After analyzing these ingredients,it does seem thatAveeno as a brand is more-of-a-little-bit-natural than straight up lab-made synthetic concoctions.Howeverif you’relooking fora completely “all natural” option,you’ll want to search elsewhere(like making your skincare products from scratch using only-whole-foodsand raw beeswax). That being said, many of us can find high-quality and effective skincare productsthat strike the right balance between-natural-and-syntheticover here.In conclusion,Aveeno meets our relaxed criteria for what we consider a “natural” product but whetherit’llwork well foryour skin typeor issuesis an individual decision!

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