Is aquafresh toothpaste discontinued?

This toothpaste is my favourite and it seems it is being discontinued, which is a great great pity… Aquafresh, please bring it back! I have been using the whitening version of this product for a few years (since it was first released I think), I love it because most other whitening toothpastes/powders seem to use bi-carb which makes my mouth sore.

How does Aquafresh toothpaste help protect your teeth? Save now HAVE NO FEAR, CAPTAIN AQUAFRESH ® IS HERE. He helps defend your teeth against cavities and plaque with regular brushing. AQUAFRESH ® TOOTHPASTE WITH FLUORIDE PROVIDES ACTIVE PROTECTION Sugar acids and hidden sugars are no match for the strength of Aquafresh ®. Sugar acid plays a prominent role in tooth decay.

Are there blue and red stripes in Aquafresh toothpaste? I purchased a box of Aquafresh toothpaste today and noticed when using it that there is no blue stripe toothpaste in the tube. Also the red stripe was more mixed in with the white paste and not separated from it. Looking at their website it clearly states that the toothpaste has red and blue stripes along with the white paste. This is deceptive.

Which is the best brand of toothpaste in the world? GSK logo linking to the homepage. Relieve. Aquafresh is one of the world’s largest oral care brands. The unique red, white and blue striped toothpaste makes the product visually distinctive, but also underlines the triple benefits of strong teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath – whole mouth protection.

When did the Close Up toothpaste brand come out? Close – up is a brand of toothpaste launched in 1967 by Unilever as the first gel toothpaste. The brand is marketed worldwide by Unilever and licensed since 2003 to Church & Dwight for the North American market. Close – Up (toothpaste) Secondly, is Close Up toothpaste good?

How does Aquafresh protect your teeth from cavities?

How does Aquafresh protect your teeth from cavities? AQUAFRESH® CAVITY PROTECTION Helps protect your teeth from sugar acids that cause cavities. Plus it provides all the power of Triple Protection® benefits for strong teeth, healthy gums* and fresh breath.

How does Aquafresh sensitive maximum strength toothpaste work? Aquafresh ® Sensitive Maximum Strength toothpaste targets the source of sensitive tooth pain, soothes nerves and reduces painful sensitivity while still providing all the Triple Protection ® benefits. Aquafresh® Multi Action® Whitening can help brighten your smile in no time. Get 75¢ off any one Aquafresh® product.

What makes toothpaste good for cleaning your teeth? What’s in a toothpaste? 1 Detergents are what make toothpaste create foam, which helps dislodge food debris and plaque. 2 Preservatives help prevent the growth of bacteria or other organisms in the toothpaste. 3 Humectants and Thickeners (such as cellulose gum) give toothpaste its texture.