Is appendicitis sore to the touch?

If you’ve been experiencing stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting recently, there’s a chance that you could be suffering from appendicitis. The appendix is a small tube that attaches to your large intestine on the right side of your body. It’s not exactly clear what its purpose is, but we do know that it can cause some serious problems if it becomes inflamed or infected.

So how does one determine whether their abdominal pains are caused by an inflamed appendix? Many people assume that appendicitis must be sore to the touch – after all, isn’t any injury painful when touched? However in reality there’s actually more to consider before making such assumptions.

What Causes Appendicitis?

Appendicitis usually occurs when something blocks the opening into your appendix. This blockage can then lead to inflammation and infection as bacteria start to grow inside/around this area yuck! Most commonly anything between fecal matter (poop) / food debris caught within intestinal walls may go through fermentation process eventually building up pressure leading towards inflammation & possible rupture(1).

Some other common causes include:
Enlarged lymphoid tissue
Gastrointestinal infections

Not sure which might apply in your case? All good – seek proper medical advice as soon as possible; things may just act up out of nowhere!

Symptoms of Appendicitis:

As with many ailments/sicknesses , various symptoms will signal towards potential diagnosis for appendicits . As mentioned earlier,stomach pain tends to be one of biggest indicators stemming from appendicists(2). Other symptoms also highly indicative include:
– Nausea/vomiting/gas pain
– High fevers(more often acute; sudden onset )
– Diarrhea/
or constipation(separate instances)
The order etc., these symptoms actively portray may vary from individual to individual but typically all work in conjunction with each other. i.e., may not occur altogether or in sequential order

So Is Appendicitis Sore to the Touch?

Now down the answer you’ve been looking for – drumroll please- Nah, Not really! Hah, gotcha there didn’t I? Inflammation due to appendicitis usually occurs firstly around your belly button and spreads out towards common lower right quadrant region(3). Any tenderness or Pain across this abdomen (commonly dubbed McBurney’s point) will typically be a sure fire telltale sign of possible appendicitis.

However as stated earlier , it does NOT mean that localized PAIN on actual appendix OR soreness upon applying pressure at particular area would 100% lead towards AppenD diagnosis . It’s always best to err on caution & seek professional medical advice before jumping into any conclusions/assuming without prior confirmation.

My parting words: Symptoms could be a result of several still unknown factors so better safe than sorry whenever unsure about what’s ultimately causing your body distress!


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