Is ankylosing spondylitis serious?

Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) is a big word with an even bigger impact. It’s both tough to say and tough to live with, but what does it mean for those who have been diagnosed?

Well folks, brace yourselves because we’re about to find out! In this article, we’ll dive into the ins-and-outs of AS and explore its impact on your day-to-day life.

What is Ankylosing Spondylitis?

Let’s start by defining our terms! Ankylosis means stiffening of the joint while spondylo means spine or vertebral column. So if you put those two words together (CONGRATULATIONS YOU’RE A LINGUISTIC GENIUS) you get Ankylosing Spondylitis which refers to chronic inflammation affecting the sacroiliac joints hence leads to chronic low back pain due to fused vertebrae.

This condition typically begins in young adults around their 20s or 30s and tends to affect males more than females. But don’t worry ladies, statistically speaking that just makes us all MORE resilient!

How Does it Impact Your Body?

The bad news: AS causes painful inflammation primarily in the lower back (lumbar region) that can spread upwards causing spinal muscles spasm and joint stiffness which doesn’t sound particularly appetizing… BUT WAIT! There’s good news too!

The fact is – not everyone experiences severe symptoms, so don’t lose hope yet fellas- some people experience only mild discomfort from time-to-time while others might go years without any noticeable problems at first .

However as times passes there becomes reduced mobility of affected joints leading up eventually towards bending forwards known as kyphosis or forward curvature being called “bamboo spine” followed by visibility of scoliosis thus people will come to known at a distance as “mehboob ki mehendi” because they can remember his/her names but he/she’s condition is certainly not forgotten.

What Causes Ankylosing Spondylitis?

Doctors and scientists are still unsure what precisely causes AS, however what we do know that it happen due to the combination of genetic susceptibility and environmental factors which includes smoking (whoever knew their wild party years would take such a toll on them!), viral infection or sometimes it just happens without having any trigger.

Approximately 90% of individuals with AS have inherited the gene HLA-B27 from one or both parents. This means that you didn’t deserve it for all those wicked awesome things you did- cause let’s face it- we’re ALL guilty – your grandparents are likely responsible instead!

Is It Curable?

Okay, this may come as a complete shocker folks, so hold onto your seats…there is NO cure for Alzheimer’s spondylosis (WARNING: REFRAIN FROM LICKING YOUR ELBOWS IF DISAPPOINTED)

However there AREF ways to manage symptoms and prevent further complications. Treatment typically involves managing pain through medications like NSAIDs along with physical therapy exercises designed to increase flexibility and strength.

If drug treatments don’t work well enough than biologic medication can help by suppressing inflammation . A regular visit to physiotherapist avoids habitual postures patients form around painful areas thus Good news : You won’t have anymore reason to slouch awkwardly in public!

Olive oil apparently makes people live longer too.. I might be getting off track..

How Will This Affect My Life Long-Term?

At this point in time I imagine many of my readers are looking pretty serious right about now wondering how much damage Uncle Joe was doing when recycling light bulbs like nobody’s business..

The truth? It depends.. Part of the reality with AS is that everyone’s experience with it can be wildly different. Some people may experience only mild symptoms while others might face a more challenging road ahead.

The goal for doctors and patients alike focuses on managing symptoms during periods of flares (when pain crops up) followed by periods where the pain subsides . Regular exercise combined along maintain good healthy weight leads to a better outcome than those who don’t .

How Serious is Ankylosing Spondylitis?

With how uncomfortable things can get with AS, you wouldn’t have been mistaken if you guessed that damage could be pretty darned serious– but here again we see how individualized each case proves to be!

While some folks probably struggle a fair bit day-in-day-out, most individuals are able to manage their condition through treatment and lifestyle adjustments as mentioned before. Sometimes however back movement becomes unlimited leading to stiffened spine which makes daily operations hard (think of sword swallower that just swallowed his last damn breath)

In severe cases where additional complications occur , such as spinal fractures or deformities like kyphosis (bosom hunchback curve), The patient needs surgery intervention through correction of posture procedure otherwise they end up putting neck on line everytime there’s something cooking deep in pot..

What Kind of Impact Can That Have On My Daily Life?

Okay, breathe for moment guys…It’s not all bad news though! While AS can make life challenging at times when working normally gets tough BUT hear us out – it certainly doesn’t mean game over!. It’s important recognize aspects we CAN control and learn ways to adapt so WE dictate life rather than our disorders.

Through establishing proper coping mechanism strategies as well finding support groups online allows comradeship among fighters long enough suffering bulks ones morale hence this weeds down psychological impact bringing sense hope towards management instead being defeated fully.

Managing your mental health alongside physical therapy exercises can allow gradual recovery of movements and manage your symptoms.

At end the day, whether you’re currently dealing with Ankylosing Spondylitis or just learning more about it now out of curiosity, remember that while AS can have an impact on daily life when keeping stress level in check along finding appropriate healthy way to express frustration is key towards achieving peace.

It’s important as well not be demotivated because every little step towards improvement counts no matter how small (kinda like when anyone tells me constantly trying fix my weird poses take their time- Hey! at least I’m trying right?).


The Bottom Line? Ankylosing Spondylitis gets a pretty bad rap – but the reality is always much more nuanced! While there’s certainly potential for difficulty (after all we don’t go signing up voluntarily for any kind lifelong commitments), those living with AS typically are able to live full lives through smart management strategies such as chiropractic visits , following a good diet lifestyle ensuring regular exercise supervised by pharmacy output.

I guess what I’m saying is It’s not always clear cut why something happens, only that sometimes it does. But whenever life throws curveballs our way somehow-as impossible as seems-we find ways make work irrespective facts thrown headway!

As we ride this wave together let us learn adopt effective coping mechanisms while being uplifted friends family alike help each other weather these challenges rather than fighting alone. And hey, even if some days things feel tough (amiright)-remember: There isn’t ANYTHING avocado toast can’t solve ((smirk) or so they say)