Is aloe good for your vagina?

If you’re into skincare, then chances are that you’ve heard of the multipurpose plant known as aloe vera. This spiky green succulent has been used in health and beauty products for millennia due to its numerous beneficial properties. However, one question we get asked quite often is whether or not it’s safe to use on your nether regions.

The Short Answer: Yes!

Yes indeed! It’s perfectly fine to use aloe vera gel in moderation on your genitals when it comes to soothing irritation, guarding against infections, and keeping things fresh down there.

But Wait! Why Are You Even Considering Putting Aloe Down There In The First Place?

Here are some reasons why people may wonder if aloe can be applied ‘down there’:

  1. Postpartum relief
  2. Menopause discomfort
  3. Too much sex (can happen)
  4. Yeast infection

Regardless of the reason why you’re curious about using aloe vera gel,vaginal health is serious business so let’s take the time to explore how/why such an alternative route is effective.

Fret not – this article will walk through everything from what makes this healing hydra good for healthy vaginas…to tips on including it into your natural vaginal-care arsenal without causing harm (better safe than sorry).

What Makes Aloe So Effective Down There?

Firstly…aloe vera is well-known for its anti-inflammatory capabilities; which help soothe irritated/red skin whilst reducing pain for people with vulvar soreness/inflammation like itching & burning sensations .

But wait- there’s more:

A study conducted way back in 2015 found out that “unripe pineapple juice mixed with crude aqueous extracts of mature leaves of A.vera have shown broad-spectrum antibacterial activities against S.aureus,E.coli and P.aeruginosa” .

Impressive, right?

For a gel commonly known for its ability to keep sunburnt skin from peeling or flaking off,this cactus-like plant juice is truly something else!

To break it down even further:
Aloe vera contains polysaccharides such as galacturonic acid glycoside (GAG). These have been discovered in studies to help with tissue repair by stimulating mucosal cell growth; thereby reducing irritation/inflammation caused by damage.

How best do I apply the gooey goo?

Before you caress your vagina with any sort of product- whether that be a water-based lube,baby oil etc—we recommend checking first on how gentle/abrasive that specific type may be especially given your body’s pH level. The same goes for aloe vera!

Here’s what we advised as some top tips when applying:

  1. First things first – obtain GOOD QUALITY 100% natural isolated aloe Vera gel (not infused together with additional chemicals). Since quality brands avoid adding extra additives, fragrance/natural fragrances/artificial colors;using this range reduces chances of getting allergic reactions or infections.

  2. Don’t overdo it : It’s important to remember moderation is key here! Applying too much AV can lead to increased discharge/mucous secretion due to breakdown of odour-causing amino acids/effecting bacterial balance . Also sap/similar gunk like substances found close to leaves/green flesh are irritating/harmful leading some cases towards vulvodynia soreness/discomfort

3.# Check the best moments:Prior sexual activity? Itching down there,heavy cramps/swelling? Perhaps clear acute afflictions before applying#freshly showered/dry area:#easy hand application after cleaning up if intended use was during daytime hours post-morning-routine.DO NOT APPLY internally

  1. Give it time to dry before getting dressed: For best results, allow the aloe gel to air-dry for several minutes before putting on any clothes. This will ensure that it stays put and doesn’t harm your clothing or cause discomfort in the process!

Potential Risks of Using Aloe Vera Gel

While we’ve talked about all the benefits of using aloe vera gel so far in this article, there are some potential risks as well. Keep these factors in mind:

  • Too much application down below can create an overgrowth of bacteria leading to infections
  • Since AV is water soluble; control amounts ingested . The direct relation between oral consumption & vaginal usage isn’t scientifically clear
  • Ensure good hygiene ,change towels/change panties etc at regular intervalsDoing so allows you practice healthy maintenance routines against chance irritation/ rash when choosing sexual indulgences/settings etc

If you‘d prefer something official/professional consider making consultations with your health care provider especially when dealing with serious cases such as yeast infection/bacterial vaginosis/fungal conditions.

All that said…now go forth and conquer! All you need are quality brands/formulas,few breathable undies,naps,newly printed novel/new season Narcos series (Netflix&chill..we mean ‘healing’) and A LOT OF comfortable seating pads if needs be .

Remember,the human Vizhina is naturally endowed with self-cleansing/vibration powers (to push out undesirables through discharge)…but an extra helping hand always creates fun adventure times—with safety naturally being prioritized.Experiment away-but remember easy does it(AV shouldn’t replace proper medical treatment/intervention)

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