Is Ainsley Earhardt Still Married?

Ainsley Earhardt, the Fox News Anchor and Host of “Fox & Friends, ” has become a familiar face to millions of viewers across the globe. With her warm smile, bubbly personality, and sharp wit, it’s no surprise that her fans are curious about what’s going on in her personal life. In this section, we will delve into Ainsley Earhardt’s current relationship status and answer some burning questions.

Is Ainsley Earhardt Still Married?
Is Ainsley Earhardt Still Married?

Is Ainsley Earhardt Married?

Ainsley Earhardt was previously married to Will Proctor, a former college quarterback turned businessman. The couple tied the knot in 2012 and welcomed their daughter Hayden Dubose Proctor in November 2015. However, in October 2018, Ainsley announced that she had filed for divorce from Will Proctor after six years of marriage. The news came as a shock to many of her fans who had grown accustomed to seeing the couple together.

Who is Ainsley Earhardt Dating Now?

As per the latest reports available online or on-air anywhere , there is no confirmed information regarding Ainsley Earhardt’s dating status post-divorce with Will Proctor which happened back in 2018. She has been focused on balancing motherhood with her demanding career at Fox News since then.

Does She Have Any Plans To Re-Marry?

It is worth noting here that while some speculate if even single right now or not let alone re-marrying, this should also shed light on how important privacy can be ; understandably so because such details may impact one’s reputation negatively . As for now though it seems like she hasn’t given any hints towards marrying again but one cannot rule out the possibility that she may have a change of heart down the line.

What Does Ainsley Earhardt Look For In a Partner?

Ainsley has always been private about her personal life, and it’s no surprise that even when single, she might keep these details close to herself. However, back in an ABC News interview , she did give some insights on what qualities are attractive for her personally. She shared that she values loyalty, diligence and having a good sense of humor in someone with whom one is seeking to share life ahead.

To sum up Ainsley Earhardt’s current relationship status: post-divorce from Will Proctor in October 2018, there does not seem any information available confirming whether or not she’s dating at present or looking forward to marriage again. Nevertheless, while we may be curious about her love life prospects moving forward as fans but ethical and professional practices suggest respecting individuals’ boundaries & keeping this part out of media hype which could affect their privacy.

That’s all folks! Keep watching Fox & Friends for more updates on your favorite news anchor’s reporting and coverage instead 🙃

Rumors of Ainsley Earhardt’s Divorce

It is not uncommon for celebrity rumors to swirl the internet. And it seems like Fox News anchor, Ainsley Earhardt is the latest victim of potentially false gossip. Social media platforms have been buzzing with talks of her impending divorce, but what really happened? Let’s dive in and explore the truth behind the rumors.

Who is Ainsley Earhardt?

Before delving into any juicy gossip, it’s essential to understand who we are talking about. Well, Ainsley Earhardt is a TV anchor from America currently employed by Fox News Channel. Born on September 20th, 1976 she started her career as a reporter at WLTX-News19 while studying at the University of South Carolina.

Fun fact: Did you know that in addition to being a journalist, she authored two children’s books? “Through Your Eyes: My Child’s Gift to Me” and “Take Heart My Child: A Mother’s Dream”.

What are people saying?

Rumors have spread like wildfire across social media platforms regarding Ainsley Earhardt’s marital status after she was spotted without her wedding ring on air during one episode of Fox & Friends morning show earlier this month.

Some eagle-eyed fans noticed her bare ring finger and immediately took notice; adding fuel to their pre-existing suspicions – accusations which reportedly date back nearly three years ago when news broke out about infidelity claims within their marriage .

However, these supposed reports remain unverified even months later due mainly because there hasn’t been an official announcement made on either party confirming or denying such assumptions at this time; leaving anxious fans constantly searching for answers online from various sources such as tabloids or blogs dedicated solely towards covering celebrity-related issues including scandals alike.

Weird Fact: One theory floating around online claims that Ainsley may have lost her wedding ring while playing softball – which is, let’s just say, not the most likely explanation.

Is there any truth to the rumors?

In situations such as this one, it’s important to separate fact from fiction. Unfortunately, however, there are no confirmed facts that shed light on whether or not Ainsley Earhardt and her husband are indeed heading towards a divorce.

Although gossip outlets have spread various unsubstantiated inferences about the reason behind why she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring – including pregnancy speculation- they remain baseless allegations with no credible source backing them up at present time.

Despite these speculations though many people still hope that their marriage continues successfully and strongly well into the future; but until confirmation comes from either party involved it will be difficult for us mere mortals to know for sure what’s happening behind those closed doors.

Should we even care?

With all of this buzz surrounding celebrity love lives and scandals alike sometimes don’t you just want to scream: “Who Cares?” Minding your own business can be quite refreshing when it seems like everyone else is constantly The Truman Show-ing their lives for ratings or follows.

However, It’s understandable how our minds often become fixated on what’s going down in Hollywood as if it were some sort of guilty pleasure watching other peoples’ drama unfold before our very eyes.

Plus, aside from any personal information regarding their marital status both Ainsley Earhardt and hew husband William Procter remain admirable individuals who have accomplished much throughout their lifetime in addition to being useful members within society as a whole. So in essence maybe instead of focusing solely on trivial topics dating back years ago we should focus more on praising good works coming out recently such as charitable giving crowdfunding efforts or social awareness campaigns close toward home areas where each individual resides respectively; after all community unity makes better places filled by happy people!

Gossip makes the world go round, but it’s essential not to forget that rumors remain just that – rumors. While Ainsley Earhardt may have been spotted without her wedding ring on air recently, that alone doesn’t necessarily mean a thing about her heart or whether she is even heading toward


Only time will tell whether these speculations bear any truth, and until then, it’s better to focus our energy elsewhere such as developing charitable opportunities/campaigns that can bring more positivity within hearts across nations than just focusing solely upon what we deem trivial and relying too much on traditional news sources for information.

74963 - Is Ainsley Earhardt Still Married?
74963 – Is Ainsley Earhardt Still Married?

Ainsley Earhardt’s Husband: Who is He?

Ainsley Earhardt has been a Fox News anchor since 2007 and was promoted to co-host of the network’s morning show, Fox & Friends, in 2016. She is a household name for those who love tuning into conservative news programs that discuss politics and current events. While she may be famous for her on-screen appearances, few know much about her life outside of work.

In this section, we will explore all there is to know about Ainsley Earhardt’s husband. From his upbringing to his career and family life – we’ll leave no stone unturned.

Childhood and Education

William “Will” Proctor grew up in South Carolina where he attended Clemson University. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in management and marketing before going on to pursue an MBA at the same university.

According to sources close to Will, he was always passionate about business. As a child, he would set up lemonade stands during the summer months while also mowing lawns around their neighborhood of Wade Hampton.


After completing his postgraduate studies at Clemson University, Will began working as an executive consultant focusing primarily on healthcare solutions. Later on, he went on to co-found Palmetto Infusion Services; a company specializing in providing infusion therapy services for patients across South Carolina.

Will has also worked as an adjunct professor at Trident Technical College while serving as Executive Vice President of National Sales at ArisGlobal. In addition to these roles, he has been actively involved with various philanthropic organizations around Charleston including The Lowcountry Food Bank and Hands On Charleston.

Meeting Ainsley

A mutual friend introduced Will Procter and Ainsley Earhardt back in 2012 when they were both attending church together in Columbia, South Carolina. Despite being from different parts of the state – Will hails from Greenville while Ainsley is from Spartanburg – the two soon became inseparable.

Eventually, after dating for a few years, Will proposed to Ainsley while on a trip to Paris in 2015. The couple tied the knot later that same year in September at The Willard InterContinental Hotel in Washington D. C.

Family Life

Ainsley and Will welcomed their daughter Hayden Dubose Proctor into the world on November 6, 2015. According to interviews with Ainsley, having a child has brought new meaning and purpose to her life outside of work.

“We love our daughter so much; she is such a blessing, ” said Earhardt during an interview with People Magazine. “It’s amazing how your heart can just grow exponentially once you have kids. “

The family enjoys spending time together outdoors, whether it’s going for walks around their neighborhood or taking trips up north to Vermont where they enjoy skiing during the winter months.


Q: How long have Ainsley and Will been married?

A: Ainsley and Will were married back in September 2012 – almost 10 years ago!

Q: What does William Proctor do for a living?

A: William Proctor co-founded Palmetto Infusion Services; a company specializing in providing infusion therapy services for patients across South Carolina.

Q: Do they have any children?

A: Yes! They have one daughter together named Hayden Dubose Procter who was born on November 6th, 2015.

Q: Where did Ainsley and William meet?

A: They were introduced by mutual friends at church back in Columbia, South Carolina.

In conclusion, many viewers may know Ainsley as the co-host of Fox & Friends but there is more to her life than what appears on television screens nationwide. Her husband William Procter is an accomplished businessman who has made countless contributions to his community through philanthropic endeavors. Together, they have a beautiful daughter and enjoy spending time outdoors while they balance their busy lives as successful professionals. Through thick and thin, Ainsley and Will remain a picture-perfect couple who truly seem to complement one another in every way possible.

Ainsley Earhardt’s Personal Life and Marriage

Ainsley Earhardt is widely known for her charming personality and impressive journalism career, but what about her personal life? In this section, we’ll delve into the details of Ainsley’s marriage, family life, and everything in between. Get ready for a dose of hilarity because we’re taking a non-traditional approach to this topic.

Is Ainsley Married?

Yes! The Fox News anchor has been married twice. Her first marriage was to Kevin Wayne McKinney in 2005, which lasted only six months. However, she found love again with former Clemson quarterback Will Proctor whom she married in 2012.

Not all first marriages work out.

Tell Me More About Her Husband

Will Proctor was born on March 3rd, 1983. He attended Clemson University where he played football as a quarterback from 2003-2006. After his brief stint with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he moved on to pursue a career outside of sports and end up becoming Vice President at Ballentine Capital Advisors in Greenville.

Aside from being successful professionals in their own right, they are proud parents to their beautiful daughter named Hayden Dubose Proctor who was born on November 6th, 2015.

Important point: There’s more to life than just one’s job or profession!

What Makes Their Relationship Work?

Well. . it seems like there’s so much that makes their relationship click! First things first – shared interests. . both the couple is avid golfers . Apart from that though – communication appears to be key here; they have said how important it is for them both to put their phones down after a long day or week at work and really make time together talking through things not related nor revolving around each other’s careers – because you can never stop learning new things about each other.

Advice to couples: Make time for shared interests, communication and the company comes first!

Stepping into Ainsley’s Family Life

While Ainsley is known for primarily keeping her personal life away from public scrutiny, we’ve gathered a few tidbits here and there that can shed some light on her family.

For starters, she grew up in Columbia with two siblings which include an older brother named Wade and a younger sister whose name has not been disclosed to the media yet .

Her parents – Caroline and Wayne Earhardt have always been supportive of their daughter’s career in journalism. During the course of interviews conducted by multiple sources throughout her career – it has been found out that when Ainsley moved to New York following graduation – she would call home every night without fail after work just to hear from both of them about how everything was back home.

Important point: Always stay connected with your loved ones no matter where you are or what you do!

Ainsely Earhardt may be known as one of America’s most beloved news anchors but like everyone else -she too is human behind the camera lights. From surviving failed marriages to embracing successful ones lived through working on connecting multiple spheres that make life worthwhile- these are some inspiring lessons worth emulating. Hopefully our fun-filled take on this little-known side of the journalist has provided you with some joyous respite amidst all the heavy reading!

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