Is a concussion permanent?

Ah, concussions. The injuries that cause the brain to go all wibbly-wobbly inside our skull. They can happen from a simple trip and fall or also from getting whacked on the head by anything heavy- like an armadillo statue at baseball games. With this in mind, you might find yourself wondering if a concussion is permanent or not? Allow me to quell those fears (or enhance them, depending on how much you like drama) by unlocking the secrets of what happens after we get hit on the noggin’.

First Off – What Exactly is A Concussion?

Before diving deep into whether or not they’re permanent injuries, let’s establish precisely what a concussion is! Basically, it occurs when your head hits something hard enough to make your lovely grey matter slosh around inside your skull.

This impact leads to damage somewhere along your cranial nerves (the ones responsible for controlling all sorts of functions throughout both body and mind). Soooo just imagine mixing up electric wires: everything gets haywire!

Here’s some info about its symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Blurry vision
  • Fatigue

But wait…there’s more! Some people may experience essentially no symptoms at all

“Waitasecond- SO there are few/ no signs sometimes?”

Yup! And that makes things extremely annoying when trying to diagnose somebody .

What Happens After You Get A Concussion?

After receiving any brain injury including a nasty ol’ concussion – different processes kick off in regards to repairing damages done. Simply put; one part attempts repairs as another temporarily shuts down certain processes to save energy so repairs can be prioritized!

Thankfully , most bouts with concussions resolve over time provided any other complicating factors aren’t present- say temporary amnesia which would then lead someone unable remember getting hit 10 minutes ago (or half an hour).

Of course, depending on severe your concussion is, different symptoms and recovery rates can occur.What’s wild- some people bounce back from a relatively milder one with ease while others deal with chronic headaches and visual disturbances for weeks or even months.

“The million dollar question remains-“

Is A Concussion Permanent?

In a word: No. But perhaps “heccin’ no” as two words might better convey my answer!

On the surface it seems like yeah – since concussions can have long-lasting affects which surely means permanent damage. However those confusing symptoms and lingering headaches after taking say a particularly brutal tackle to the head don’t mean you’re permanently damaged/ anything along that line.

Instead think of it this way – once you receive a concussion in life , there’s more likelihood of experiencing another down the road . The new impact will then exacerbate any previously-existing damage done before during another injury

“How about ‘damage control’ tho?”

The most effective means simply boils down not getting yourself into scenarios/events that make this kind of injury more likely.That includes-

Playing contact sports where hard hits are guaranteed.
Sprint near speeding cars(horseless carriages/automobiles) while suffering migraines.
Smashing things against walls without using proper hand-protection gear.

Alright alright… we’re obviously being only partially serious here! Of course accidents happen but limiting risk is always advisable.

So What Now?

Here’s what I’ll suggest ! Recognise signs / eventually solving misanthropic issues surrounding these injuries is rather difficult!!
But over time research scientists continue finding out newer information/we learn how to diagnose accurately thus leading people towards making smarter & safer decisions overall .

All said …if ever your noggin ends up feeling wibbly-wobbly post-fall cause araghya statue hit ya’; just know getting checked by doctor/nurse for signs of concussion is definitely advisable.

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