Is a body temperature of 96.6 normal?

Internal Medicine 41 years experience No: 96.6 degrees Fahrenheit

is a normal oral temperature. Make sure your mouth is closed and you haven’t recently had anything cold in your mouth before taking your temperature. 4.4k views Reviewed >2 years ago

Is 96.5 temp normal? If a person looks fine and feels fine, the 96.5 is usually an external temperature, or from a thermometer that is reading low. It is not ok to have an internal (core) temperature of 96.

Is 95 degree temperature normal? A body temperature of 96 to 98 is usually considered normal, and a temperature below 95 may be unsafe…but it depends on many factors. If your temperature is 95 degrees, and you have confirmed this with either different thermometers or at different times (meaning: it is a persistent temperature), you can also take a rectal temperature…

Is 96.7 normal? Actually YES, a temperature of 96.7 is considered a normal temperature (there is a range of temperatures outside the 98.6 (so usually 96 to 100.4 is acceptable as normal).

When is body temperature too low? When the body temperature slips below 95 degree F or 35 degree C, it is considered too low.

Is it normal for body temperature to be 96.5?

Is it normal for body temperature to be 96.5? Although 96.5 degrees Fahrenheit falls in the low end of normal body temperature range, it is not considered too low, according to Mayo Clinic. Normal body temperature for adults can be as low as 95 degrees Fahrenheit, according to WebMD.

Why do I feel sick when my temp is 96? Low body temperature and illness Certain illnesses, or incorrect temperature readings, could factor into why your thermometer reads 96°F (35.55°C), but you feel sick. Low body temperature could also be a symptom of a serious illness like hypothermia or sepsis, but you’d likely have severe symptoms.

Is it normal to have a low body temperature? Many people can feel hot and still have low body temperatures. Low body temperature can be due to a thyroid problem. However, some people can have low body temperatures even when their thyroid gland function is normal. These low body temperatures can often be corrected with proper treatment.

What’s the average temperature of the human body? However, in more recent years, new studies have suggested that the average body temperature is anywhere from 97.5 to 98.2 degrees Fahrenheit, with anything between 97 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit potentially being normal.