Is 122 over 90 good blood pressure?

Blood pressure is one of those things that people tend to worry about, especially as they get older. You might be wondering if your blood pressure is normal or if you should be concerned with a reading such as 122 over 90.

Let’s break down what that means and whether it’s good news or bad.

What Does the Reading Mean?

When you go to the doctor, they typically check your blood pressure using a cuff around your upper arm, which inflates and then slowly deflates while measuring your blood flow.

Every time your heart beats, it sends blood throughout your body through various vessels. This creates two numbers when you get a BP reading: systolic (the top number) measures the pressure in arteries when the heart contracts; diastolic (the bottom number) measures arterial pressure between heartbeats.

A healthy adult typically has a systolic reading at/under 120 and diastolic under/around 80. However, some may have readings slightly above/below this range but still indicated as ‘good’.

Now back to our original question…

Is It Good News?

Well it depends. A reading showing 122 for systolic could mean prehypertension stage whereas showing figures below can signal normalcy.

However, note that certain factors exist- age bracket being an important variable- causing discrepancies in results.
Let’s digress further.

How Age Affects Readings

Over time increases blood vessel stiffness appears more frequent increasing chances of elevated BP levels even in otherwise healthy adults;
Adults aged sixty-five plus are susceptible +/-180mmHg vs novices taking same values who would exhibit/read as hypertensive.
Advancing towards eighty years of age? Expectations shift due to changes within cardiovascular system resulting from aging process:
normotensives expect -130 / >85 most times
optimally healthy 110-129/<80
hypotension 90/<60

What Do These Numbers Mean for You?

Are you having symptoms that could mean it’s time to see a doctor? Common symptoms of high blood pressure can include things like headaches, nosebleeds, or trouble sleeping.

It’s always recommended consulting with a medical professional if anything out of the ordinary occurs.Not everything is within our control after all. But we can try our best!

So… Is 122 over 90 Good Blood Pressure After All?

All factors considered; individuals may have too many variables determining what ‘healthy’ reflects normative readings change from one person to another..

If you’re in your seventies and otherwise healthy, then a reading closer to 140/90 mmHg might be okay as long as there are no other underlying issues.

Genetics play an influential role conversely should not interpret values based on family history alone neither compare readings amongst themselves as each body functions differently!

Recall: Prehypertensive patients show elevated BP levels which basically means -watchful waiting mode activated-. Physicians typically advise lifestyle modifications inclusive increasing activity levels (exercise), decrease salt-intake & alterations at dietary level such as substituting sugary beverages with water
Smoking also proves detrimental when reversing/preventing hypertension so go smoke free today and avoid hilarious doctor anecdotes

Wrapping the Topic up!

Given how mildly convoluted the topic appears maybe its apparent why users prefer searching for reliable AMA-approved results online (how did humans ever survive without Google?), humor notwithstanding these statistics reveal meaningful messages.

Being conscious about diet habits coupled with regular exercise prove very beneficial minimizing risks associated with High /Low Blood pressure.
Opting for mindfulness practices everyday , perhaps investing in home-managing machines e.g pulse oximeter reading devices equips every individual better prepared handling this particular bodily function.

One last thing: call your grandparents and inquire about their blood pressure readings, create awareness/community around healthy lifestyle practices. Start with an excellent in-house lawyer ‘plant” to keep everyone on the optimal track!

Live healthily folks!