Is 120 a good score in nata?

The National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) is an entrance exam that tests the aptitude of aspiring architects across India. The test comprises two sections, i.e., drawing and observation skills, along with logical reasoning and critical thinking ability. Candidates need to score more than 120 out of 200 marks to qualify for admissions into prestigious architecture colleges.

However, like every other competitive examination, students often wonder whether scoring 120 marks on the NATA scale is good enough or not? So let’s dive deep into understanding what it takes to achieve such a score.

Understanding the Scoring System

To understand better whether scoring 120 on NATA is good enough or not, one must first comprehend how the scoring system works.

The total marks in the exam consist of two parts- Drawing section: which has a maximum allotted time duration of two hours for answering questions worth specific markings; NCQ-Based Part A: consists of MCQ-based questions that are given equal weightage totalling up to around (1/3rd -2/5th) much lesser compared with overall assessment available under Drawings Section composing remaining percentage say approximately (2/3rd -3/5th)

How do they calculate your final score

For each correct answer marked in Part A = +1 mark, whereas there was no negative marking assigned even if answered incorrectly. In contrast, the drawing section weighs heavily since evaluation based upon unique artistic elements tackling components such as creativity and skill sets over schematic representations while being graded by appointed professionals who review artwork prepared on site during assessment periods rather than solely relying only quantitative parameters related analysis scores dictated elsewhere already predetermined prior testing taking place interviewing process later performed additional filtering candidates according grade required qualifications compatible models laid standards guidelines established local authorities having jurisdiction supervisory control protocol processing these procedures compiled complete comprehensive blueprint architectural design projects well covering considerable factors fashioning future structure.

Understanding the Average Score

For aspirants seeking admissions into architecture colleges under NATA — scoring above 120 marks is an ideal benchmark. However, it all comes down to personal choice and what institutions you are looking forward to joining. The average score of students who clear this exam is typically around 110-115 marks.

Is Scoring 120 Marks Enough?

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Factors That Determine Your Score

Several factors affect your NATA score, such as:

  • Sectional Performance in Drawing
  • Logical Reasoning and Critical Thinking Ability
  • Accuracy in MCQ Based Part A Test.

So it all comes down to how you perform in these sections collectively. Improving each section performance can help you boost your overall scores up to a great extent. If you are looking forward to joining some of the top architecture colleges across India under NATA admissions — scoring 120 marks or above would be pretty good for aspirants seeking admission into reputed universities like SPA Delhi/IIT Kharagpur/CEPT Ahmedabad/SJJMCA Mumbai/VNIT Nagpur/MITRA Pune Amity School of Architecture and Planning, Greater Noida/BMS College of engineering Bangalore/JNAFAU Hyderabad/B.Arch Mysore college University/Kerala institute Kerala/S.R.M Chennai/T.I.T Bhopal/Hindustan COA Chennai etc.


Scoring 120 marks or more out of 200 is indeed an excellent achievement when it comes to cracking the National Aptitude Test for Architecture entrance exam! It signifies that one has worked hard on their skills and aptitude required under this niche domain, which showcases exceptional commitment towards this domain whatsoever decided path implies strive excellence pertinent endeavors aspiring architectural prospect beholden exploratory landscape wonder vistas unimaginable scope opportunities do enthuse excitement joy euphoria serving best interests realizing potential fulfilling pursuits passion ultimately paving way better tomorrow pursuing dreams relentlessly dedicated focused individual always remembering maxim “The future belongs those who believe beauty dreams possible”, every architect’s mantra embraced dear heart head never forgetting true essence pursuit careers architectural marvels reshape world perceived reinvented enabling future visions astonishing contrasting current paradigmatic models establish benchmarks inspired pathways setting targets towards incredible feats.