Intestinal myiasis cure?

Intestinal myiasis is a condition caused by the invasion of fly larvae into the human digestive system. It sounds terrifying, and it is! But fear not, for there are ways to combat this creepy crawly infestation.

What causes intestinal myiasis?

Before we get into how to cure an infestation of intestinal myiasis, let’s first understand what causes it. Intestinal myiasis is generally caused by ingesting food that has been contaminated with fly eggs or larvae. This can happen due to poor hygiene or unsanitary conditions in food preparation areas.


The symptoms of intestinal myiasis include abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting (yuck). If left untreated, it could lead to further complications such as secondary infection or perforation of the intestine (ouch). So if you suspect you have contracted this gross medical problem it’s time to look for solutions.

The Cure

There are a number of treatments available which rid patients off these nasty worms lurching around inside our stomachs!

1. Medications

This is perhaps one of the most effective methods for treating/intestinal/myasis/. A course involving medication (specifically oral Ivermectin) administered over several days will help ensure all flies within your digestion tract meet their demise.

2. Surgery

In severe cases where patients display extensive manifestations; surgery may be recommended as primary recourse however its rarity comes from its general costs especially when compared/ medications

3. Diet changes

Another method involves dietary changes – altering what you consume can impact survival rates o these demonic invaders/improve digestive health overall/.

A diet high in fiber helps eliminate parasites naturally while reducing bleeding risk associated with particular anti-parasitic drugs’ use.sweets tend not encouraged since they foster growth increase worm activity past optimal levels…so its a little give and take.

4. Traditional remedies

Finally, traditional folk treatments may also be used to combat this parasitic invasion! A hot Tea consisting of wormswood and rue; local mexican ingredients is thought by many people as an effective cure.


While curing intestinal myiasis obviously important, prevention is key. It might sound like a cliche but it really is better than the literal remedy for being attacked by these pests! Here are some useful tips/tricks:


Intimate hygiene should be prioritized with everyday practices such as washing hands before meals (sound familiar?)

Ensure food storage containers are tightly sealed and emptied/cleaned after uses/purchasing uncooked vegetables & fruits from reliable vendors/. The importance of quality control cannot be overstated here….

Safeguarding living environment

Take preventative measures when managing your outdoor/indoor living environment: keep windows screened off or shut while also disposing of waste appropriately/sanitizing areas after toilet use/.

Remember it isn’t just flies that can infiltrate our foods!!! Rats contaminated produce too!


Well folks there you have it – cures (I personally love option three)& prevention techniques for Intestinal Myasis victims…though I hope we never find ourselves in this situation 😉

Keep that diet high in fiber though folks – ideal digestion conditions come with their benefits outside Im cleaning out those pesky maggots…

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