Industrial piercing what to know?

So, you want to get an industrial piercing? Well, aren’t you a daring individual! This is not just any ordinary piercing that people settle for. You’re going all out with this one – or maybe it’s because your parents won’t allow you to get another tattoo. Either way, we’ve got the scoop on everything you need to know before taking the leap.

First of All – What Exactly is an Industrial Piercing?

Before we dive deep into what to expect during and after getting an industrial piercing, let’s first define what it actually is. An industrial piercing involves two holes made in the upper ear cartilage (pinna) and showcasing a single piece of jewelry spanning both openings.

The Types of Jewelry Available

You’d think only one type of jewelry fits through those impressive piercings; behold the different styles;

Straight Barbell

This bar comes straight but can have a little bend known as “J-bars.”

Curved Barbell

Now here’s something unique – curved bars like Twister bars would make for some excellent aesthetics.

Circular Barbells

Circular barbells are small round hoops that easily transition between formal and casual looks.


Spiral earrings screw into the puncture site instead of sliding through like every other jewelry mentioned above. Trust us; they are tricky to put in if and when hands tremble!

Location Dependent Healing Time

Just like regular piercings healing time varies depending on some factors such as personal hygiene practices skin sensitivity, nervousness upon puncturing while others come down location;

  • Upper Ear Cartilage Usually takes 6 months.
  • Helix/Helix Rim Can take up 9 month period
  • Nose/Lip Other facial areas heal faster taking about barely few weeks needed; just don’t bump them around too much!

No matter where your bleeding wounds lie remember, cleanliness comes before everything.

Industrial Piercing Procedure – You’re Not Ready!

You read that right; you are not ready! For those with different thresholds of pain, we suggest you brace yourselves for the migraine type hurt – but magnified. The piercer first pierces through one part of the upper cartilage while patiently holding on to both puncture spots to insert a steel rod named a ‘scaffold.’ Don’t be wimpy and dodge your appointment since this quick process is over pretty fast (about 30 seconds).

Leave It Alone

Your new piercing might feel great when drinking water or swallowing your saliva, but all moving parts come at some discomfort. When it’s just pierced; leave it alone as much as possible within the healing stages since movements can cause irritation on perforated loci.”

Keep It Clean

There’s something oddly satisfying about being told by medical professionals in training to keep an unhealed area clean for maximum hygiene. Do exactly that! Follow regular cleaning procedures prescribed and don’t shy away from calling the clinic if you have any questions concerning discoloration or bleeding abnormalities.”

Wear A Helmet?

Though wearing protective gear during contact sports- such as hockey-would go a long way into ensuring any accidental head trauma doesn’t occur, steer clear from helmets during healing periods!.

Hidden Costs

Usually what counts most in these endeavors soon becomes apparent: “mo’ money mo’ problems“. Hidden costs may tilt up because of purchase mode popularity;

  • Jewelry maintenance
  • Hypoallergenic jeweler extra fees
  • Consultation/appointment fees.

Educate yourself beforehand to prevent account balance crying sessions or resorting ditching meals daily routine just so our ear decor knows no boundaries!”

Don’t forget! In case of allergies ensure closed consultation with professional dermatologists and specialist Allergy physicians.”

Finally getting an industrial piercing promises exclusivity-a feeling of sophistication keeping tattoos at bay, and it comes with a bit of pain. We hope you enjoyed reading our guide to industrial piercing, whether your reason for wanting one is just for the aesthetics or “to look like others.”

With this information in mind – happy puncturing!

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For medical consultation always visit professional doctors only.

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