I’m Done with Solo Sundays: I Don’t Want to be Single Anymore

Being single can have its perks, but after spending one too many weekends alone binge-watching Netflix and eating ice cream straight from the tub, I’m done. It’s time to face facts: I don’t want to be single anymore.

Acknowledging the Problem

Admitting it isn’t always easy

There’s no shame in wanting companionship, but admitting that you’re tired of being alone can feel embarrassing or like a failure. Trust me when I say that acknowledging how you feel is the first step towards finding love.

Taking Action

Putting yourself out there:

Once you’ve realized you want a partner, it’s time to take action! This could mean trying online dating apps (think Tinder or Bumble), joining groups for singles (either virtual or in-person!), taking up new hobbies where people often gather (like hiking), and even saying “yes” more often when friends invite you out.

Letting go of your comfort zone:

While trying these different approaches may scare you at first (believe me- going on that first blind date was daunting!) shaking things up from your normal routine could lead to meeting someone new.

Understanding Compatibility

Looking beyond initial attraction:

When seeking romantic partners initially we tend only focus on certain attributes such as physical appearance; however it’s also important (especially) looking for personality compatibility indicators as well!

Consider questions/or assessments on life goals/habits and values.

Does this person seem kind?
Are they ambitious?
What does their future look like?

Don’t underestimate how helpful gaining insight into these compatibility traits sooner than later!

Navigating First Dates

Preparation is Key:

First dates can be nerve-racking enough without some prepping ahead of time (% style is imperative)! Things you can try in advance could include going over possible questions that might arise during the date, practicing introducing yourself or choosing ahead of time what to wear!

With this type of prep work (you’re already winning).

During Date:

Be present and attentive on your actual date.
A useful conversation habit is not latching onto any one topic too long! Keep it flowing.
A key thing with dates early on is to listen more than talk so scrutinize them well

Red Flags

Knowing when you’re wasting your time:

There are a few key red flags which need acknowledgement because ignoring them will only waste time and energy.

Some common examples; evasiveness/avoidance of questions about life goals, overly critical behavior/gossiping towards others around you (both may reflect poorly on a person’s true character).

Often times these things won’t manifest themselves until several dates in so be patient yet aware.

Commitment Woes?

Keeping momentum:

So now let’s assume – for arguments sake – success has found its’ way unto into love land. But how do we navigate maintaining momentum/motivation? The fear of losing someone or falling apart down the track doesn’t just disappear instantly after confessing feelings.

Keeping communication lines open helps build trust mid-relationship as each relationship timeline varies keep checking in as no two scenarios are alike regardless if it feels awkward (communication = essential)

This could mean video chatting regularly while living apart or discussing plans for future events i.e., 1-on-1 vacations/babies/moving in together (the list goes onward)

Getting outside couples therapy/help from friends is perfectly acceptable/necessary sometimes seeking-out third-party advice can help determine areas where compromise benefits everyone involved.

Keep loving conversations alive concerning future aspirations/aspirations/career endeavors (a partner supporting growth = ultimate #CoupleGoals)

Don’t lose hope

Rest assured, a diamond in the rough is worth finding:

Joining/getting involved with communities who share similar interests lies as one option to find half of you. But put trust in your instincts – even if someone doesn’t fit 100%, don’t give up trying, dating discoveries assist personal growth along the journey just try not to get too attached too soon!


It’s OK to want more!:

The bottom line: feeling uncomfortable with being alone does not indicate that something is wrong with you! It’s okay (alongside natural) wanting other human beings and looking for companionship.

Try new methods for meeting people and uhhh… have some fun!!! Enjoy discovering what kind of partner clickssss organically by mixing things up on your way to finding them.

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