Ignoring a narcissist is the best?

Narcissists are everywhere – at work, in our social circles, even in our own family. These people can be exhausting to deal with as they constantly crave validation and attention. However, there is a way to handle them that will make your life easier – ignoring them.

Understanding Narcissism

Before we dive into the benefits of ignoring narcissists, let’s first understand what this personality disorder entails.
What is Narcissism?
Narcissism refers to an exaggerated sense of self-importance and entitlement. People with this personality trait believe that they are superior to others and deserve special treatment. They often lack empathy towards others’ feelings or needs.
What Causes Narcissism?
Experts theorize that childhood experiences play a significant role in the development of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). Children who have been brought up by authoritarian or overindulgent parents may feel neglected or entitled later on.
Characteristics of Narcissists
Some common traits found among narcissists include grandiosity, excessive need for admiration and validation from others, manipulating behaviors against other peoples’ well-being,
arrogance,and having a strong sense of entitlement.

It’s essential to remember that not all people who exhibit these characteristics have NPD; some may just be going through personal issues.

Now onto why ignoring them might be the right approach:

The Benefits Of Ignoring A Narcis s ist

It Throws Them Off Their Game

As previously mentioned,narcissists need constant admiration from those around them.They seek out reactions(sometimes negative)from their peers as proof!=they ar1e– being noticed.Without any feedback,responses,,and affirmations,a narc@(potential target) s feeling centralizing efforts could— start questioning his/her behavior/actions,reconsidering certain aspects.Starving-a narc of “supply” results in a decline of behavior that requires it,as attention and admiration are seen as cornerstones to their worldview.

It Stops You From Being Their Support System

Constantly supporting a narcissist could harm your well-being.This behaviour should not be the norm.Instead,you should use this time taking care of yourself.Never forget,taking care(most importantly) —@mentally- sets conditions for -both you and those around you.

Also,this enables youto avoid drama,which is what they thrive on especially at work or home. If you’re always ready to lend an ear or solve their problems,the only feedback from them would probably just look like excuses with no real evidence. Consequentially, ignoring them leaves them feeling devalued and insignificant; slow ego-damage has displayed success in reducing potential attacks initiated by narcissists.

Let Them Hit Themselves On The Wall: Do Not Intervene

One aspect that makes ignoring narcissists simple is letting things run its course.These people often believe they know everything about every situation.Accompanying this belief,is an unwavering need -to control situations– creating impossible scenarios-to navigate.Positive Reinforcement influences these individuals’ incessant need –towards personal fulfilment.-This creates unrealistic ways-of appreciating either wins/losses without accepting external feedback/perspectives.
One way-to help nurture change-is allowing experience/growth through mistakes instead-of coaxing-them towards certain decisions.

Self Preservation

Narcissistic relationships can take a toll on mental health.”mental endurance”is vital in preventing burnouts.Being compelled towards helping someone who doesn’t appreciate one’s effort will make anyone feel helpless.Therefore,ignoring,saves oneself from digging a deeper hole for emotionally treacherous snares.Like Helios from Greek Mythology(no / apologies),the flame borne from these people could melt wax wings before an eventual,excruciating fall.To prevent that experience,it is necessary to act differently while enjoying yourself,moisturize or even get a great sleep-after all the narcissist will be themselves with whomever eventually.

Ignoring A Narcissist Does Not Mean Opposing

Although ignoring them has its merits when dealing with them,don’t consciously antagonize or seek revenge on a narcissistic individual.Some take it too far,believing both-narcissists and their behaviour can-be ridiculed.In such cases,discreetly severing ties and avoiding communication helps prevent any long-term engagement. Consequently,ignoring in some cases could result into-harm due to consequences brought about by going against this path.Thus careful juggling makes it easy for both individuals involved.

Consequences For Facing Narcissists.

Placing someone you know is-a-narc-in-the-spotlight can cause several train wrecks aimed towards oneself.A skilled narcs targets weakness without remorse which means if one fundamentally goes againts his/her expections tactfully,it may have detrimental implications thereof.Which brings up claims of underhanded tactics -and framing one’s choice-for-self-preservation-is relatively difficult-Jumla(you thought new terms were done?) .
Therefore laying low,is-sometimes the best way-to avoid possible ramifications from being associated-with /narcissism/

Dealing with a narcissist can be challenging at times,and constant contact usually leaves us feeling drained.Ignorantly leaving- those exhausting relationships shows saving grace,-time-management skills and generally”outsmarting-your-enemy”.With benefits ranging from self-preservation,to growth-mental horizons not attempted-before,this action paves-new-pathways through experiences not experienced before.
It’s important to remember:“People don’t quit jobs; they quit bosses.”- Robert Sutton. Hence the phrase’Ignore a Narcissist to Save Your Sanity’

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