If you pluck your eyebrows will they grow back thicker?

Eyebrows have always been a significant feature in every face. It is said that eyebrows serve as the ‘frame’ of our eyes and can be considered one of its essential parts. Having great eyebrows can complete an entire look, but sometimes they tend to grow wild and unruly, making it necessary to pluck them out.

Some people worry about whether or not their brows will grow back thicker if they shave or pluck them off regularly. Some even believe that their eyebrows won’t entirely grow back at all!

In this article, we explore some myths surrounding eyebrow grooming and reveal what happens when you deal with your brow hairs accordingly.

The Myth

So here’s why people think there’s such a thing as “thickening” after plucking brows: When tweezers first grab hold of hair root for extraction, there’s just catching on roughly among others in progress right beside – almost like triggering domino effect of sorts where follicles that weren’t originally pulled also get entranced by the chaos theory going down under budding skin surface. Once those new guys start cropping up again above ground level (in maybe two to three weeks), they’re typically exposed at tips because skin doesn’t immediately close over uncover holes left behind from previous yanking sessions.

Here’s the myth part- since freshly emerged strands appear “wider” compared than before initial removal process done earlier- many assume regrowing phase has major impact upon overall growth pattern plus general likeness…i.e., increased thickness.

However much sense it makes in mind; unfortunately science does NOT support any such notion whatsoever! Hairs are programmed genetically specific length/diameter wise which remain unchanged throughout existence unless interfered other external factors influencing growth rates etcetera (such as injury damage resulting scar tissue- nerve loss).

The actual reason why newly resurfaced strands seem coarser/scatter blackish/whatever darker shade to the unaided eye is quite simple.. they haven’t had chance develop strong root systems yet. The immature follicles usual little bud atop scalp’s epidermal layers often thinner as well lighter slightly “fuzzier” than mature hair creating false effect makes them appear much thicker/weirder relative rest normal locks which have already attained full structural integrity.

Moral of the story? Don’t worry about plucking-and don’t do it too often!

So What Does Actually Happen?

So we’ve debunked the myth and shown that our eyebrows won’t necessarily grow back any thicker after plucking, but what does actually happen when we start removing our brow hairs constantly?

Slower Growth

When you pluck your eyebrow, it takes a while for that particular hair follicle to recover from the trauma caused. This means it will take more time for new hairs to regrow in its place.

Extra-sensitive Skin

The skin surrounding your brows can become irritated because of frequent grooming or over-plucking. This could lead to a flaky, dry patch around your brow area.

Pimples and Breakouts

Plucking regularly can cause ingrown hairs – this is where newly growing hair twists itself into little spirals beneath the skin’s surface rather than emerging through normally as would be normal with free passageway open before leaving dermis structures- leading straight down towards root source origin points lined along underside each individual shaft stalk .

These crazily curled strands remain stuck underground deprived key nutrients aiding nourishment true growth phase at top level making matters worse embedded oils/microbes come together create painful pimples/breakouts under sheaths encasing unruly shooters waiting pop up ruin day (or night).

Misshapen Brows

When you tend to remove eyebrows yourself (instead visiting professional) put risk mishappenings like overplucking any particular area or uneven shaping which could lead becoming more noticeable.

Thinner Brow Hairs

Repeatedly pulling out hairs from the same spot can lead to trauma on the hair follicles, making them less likely to produce new strands.

Takeaway message? Avoid plucking too often and see a professional if you are unsure of how to shape your eyebrows.

The Different Ways You Can Shape Your Eyebrows

There are several ways you can groom your eyebrow into different shapes:


As the name suggests, this style defines your brows in such a way that they have an arch-like structure.

Straight Brows

If there’s no natural curve present within own bow-beddable framework, ‘straight’ line look might be what desired.. People who don’t want their eyebrows arched but still want a clean up prefer this style as it’s both fresh yet understated at same time 😉


An S-curved brow helps project strength and control. This is perfect for women wanting to show off their elegance!

How Often Should You Groom Your Eyebrows?

The first step towards managing proper care eyebrows requires establishing ideal window getting rid unwanted hair without causing harm sensitive underlying skin tissue.

  • While some people need almost daily attention due faster growing patterns springing forth regions (more typically found men), others may do just fine avoiding salon sessions even once month (this mostly pertains aging segment female demographic).

  • Folks with darker thicker visible strands will usually require visits every four weeks while those lighter softer growths fare better waiting closer two months between appointments things trending back towards neutral status quo from earlier upheaval.

  • Need an escape hatch incase unforeseen freak hairy mutation occurs ? [Consider ] using stencil guides resembling tiny rulers streamlined veritable rulers specifically crafted measuring depth/frequency departure each strand alongside highly affected zones like temples/crowns under chin wheres time once week shaving rituals possibility may crop up if not regularly addressed.

Final word- don’t forget to condition, comb and fill in your eyebrows for that perfect look!


Eyebrow grooming is an essential skincare routine for most people– it helps add shape and structure to our faces. However, overdoing it can lead you down the path of trouble avenues like slower hair growth, ingrown hairs pimples breakouts etc., which no one wants.

Even though our brows might appear to be thicker when they first start growing back seemingly due exaggerations depicted upper surface appearance resulting novelty angles reflecting off light waves hitting certain exact points depending upon nearby external influences leading misunderstandings people believed myth above- plucked supple lands run thin quick enough unless taking appropriate measures like conditioning using stencil guides shaping them straight/S-curved without missing several month-long window periods between appointments regaining lost luster beauty pride yours forever eternally flourishing through calmer seas smoother sailing (or even as far deep end ocean floor tad random?)!

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