I would prefer not to tattoo?

Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, and it seems like everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. But as someone who has no interest in getting inked, I often find myself defending my decision not to do so. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at why I would prefer not to get a tattoo.

The Pain Factor

Let’s be real: tattoos hurt! Sure, some people may say that the pain is worth it for the end result, but personally, I’d rather avoid any unnecessary discomfort. Plus, depending on where you get your tattoo placed (hint hint: anywhere with lots of bones), the pain can be especially intense.

Fear of Commitment

Getting a tattoo is pretty much a lifelong commitment. It’s not like trying out a new haircut or fashion trend – tattoos are permanent. And while you may love that design now (edit: after two glasses of wine), what about five years from now? Fifteen years from now? Will you still feel just as passionately about your chosen artwork?

The Cost isn’t Worth It (in My Opinion)

Okay okay okAY hear me out: have y’all seen how expensive tattoos can be? Like damn! For something that will eventually fade/bleed (if done slopily) and/or stretch/change shape over time – sometimes a lot (read: weight gain/loss/pregnancy) – it just doesn’t seem worth shelling out all that cash for.

There’s also potential follow-up costs if things don’t go according to plan – touch-ups aren’t always included nor guaranteed by default!)

(Side note: If cost factors into your decision making too but spending money brings you great joy regardless?! Check our online giving tools :wink:)

Risky Business

As with any body modification, there’s always an element of risk involved . Even small or relatively, what might be viewed as low-risk tattoos can have complications. Infections, allergic reactions (both minor and severe), or simply poor healing are all possibilities that shouldn’t be undervalued.

I Don’t Want to Ruin My Body Art with Time

Your skin changes over time – it naturally ages, and your ink is at risk ofblurring/bleeding out due to sheer biology (edit: welcome Wrinkles!) .
Above-average sun exposure speeds up this biological process significantly. Imagine getting a tattoo on the back of your hand – look how quickly that area wrinkles! This would almost definitely cause some blown-out lines/blurred edges over time 🙁 .

(That being said: if you prioritize self-expression and care more about living in the moment than possible worsening-down-the-line aesthetics then power to ya!!!!)

The Expectations Become Too High

We may feel an expectation from others once we get our first tattoo(conformists!!!). They start coming up putting ideas into our heads like “your ink must [x,y,z]!” We feel social pressure from those around us who say that having art permanently engraved into our skin is necessary for self-expression/happiness/self-confidence/fierce identity statement… Buttt when I think it through thoroughly? While decorating ourselves strikes me as really cool looking/trendy/fun/to each their own/etc., donning a tat too closely aligned with expectations external to one’s true-self seems ‘wearisome’. Maybe…I’m just lazy?!

(Sidenote: ‘Laziness’ isn’t just negative but anxiety provoking because let’s face it – Procrastination Nation ain’t always cute nor fun nor affecting only individuals.)

They Just Don’t Look Good on Everyone!

Let’s face it: not everyone looks good with a tattoo (GASP)! Certain designs may suit one person’s skin tone or body type, while looking completely off on someone else. Plus, just because a certain trend is “in” now doesn’t necessarily mean it will still be stylish in the future – and you don’t want to be stuck with something that already looks dated.

Getting More Severe Reactions

Allergic reactions are always a risk when getting anything done to your body that involves touching/marking/painting deeper layers of tissue (yes e.g. tattoos). It’s not only unpleasant but downright dangerous depending on the severity of reaction.
(psst: Google “skin tea tree oil before tattoo allergic reaction test” !)

(Disclaimer/edit: This isn’t meant as medical advice but more like ‘exciting’ casual fact knowledge for parties where we pretend disease transmission rules don’t exist.)

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, deciding whether or not to get a tattoo is a personal choice. For me personally after weighing all things-considered? I think I’ll stick to my plain ol’ (boring?) unmarked flesh! But for you, whoever you are reading this (dang!), whether you choose ink or nah , at least give yourself some pat-for-the-back kudos real quick because either way – guess what…?

You’re pretty dope!!

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