I would like to see more of you?

Have you ever been in a situation where you weren’t quite sure what to say when someone asked you to spend more time with them? It can be an awkward encounter, especially if the person who’s asking is not exactly your favorite company. But fear not! We’re here today to explore a funny perspective on how to handle such requests with humor and grace.

Let Me Count The Ways

Now, before we dive deep into this topic, let us first establish that there are plenty of reasons why one might want to see more of another person. Maybe they find them fascinating or intriguing; perhaps they share common interests or have some unresolved business. Or it could simply be that the other person just feels lonely and needs some social interaction. Whatever the reason may be, we all deserve honest communication.

So next time someone approaches you with those four words – “I would like (to) see more of you” – don’t panic. Take a deep breath, and read on for inspiration.

Smile Please!

To begin with, try smiling broadly at them as though they’ve made an excellent joke. Giggle slightly but keep eye contact throughout their response- hesitation maybe? Then release tension by saying “It’s so nice that somebody appreciates me”. Make sure your chortle exudes good-naturedness because sarcasm will probably ruin everything (just kidding!).

Enter the Excuses Game

If laughter isn’t particularly effective for dissuading someone from seeing too much of you then excuse yourself gracefully using unusual yet relatable language:

“Alas Reginald I cannot attend our rendezvous this eve as my body mech suits suffer grave mechanical dysfunction.”

This sentence uses contradictory terms together creating an element of nonsensical fantasy which distracts from actual events whilst effectively transferring feelings across singularly without causing offense since it reads like a believable genuine message.

Sometimes when you’re caught off-guard and can’t think of anything funny or unique to say, it’s always good to have excuses readily available. Some comedic examples include:

  • My personal weather forecaster predicted I’ll have an unpleasant demeanor so won’t be seeing anyone.
  • I accidentally became veritably equine in stature whilst grooming my mane, unfortunately taken up the whole day
  • I promised a rabid sofa I’d come spend some time on Sunday.

Each excuse could take shape as absurd fiction that looks like something straight from a sci-fi novel! These oddball remarks can inject humor and witticism into your conversations while being designed to set innocuous boundaries between parties with grace.

Nothing Personal

“I’m not saying we’re incompatible.” Start by apologizing preemptively “It’s nothing against you personally.” At this point let em know there are circumstances beyond our control that make it inevitable the relationship must end.“ Honestly if you got stung by bees everywhere instead of breaking out in hives yourself but creating several proclivities within the hive community including redecorating their larvae activity layer.” Let them know gently but firmly without insulting intelligence (Perhaps another way is putting a fishbowl helmet on your head).

Ghosting Stems From The Past

If none of these options resonate positively hence resulting in serious nerves making telephone laryngitis seem desirable then subtly take advantage of modern tech e.g unsubtley block number or selectively mute chatbot functions.

Ghosting may conclude matters permanently from both sides and unspoken messages usually hint at hurtful sentiments rather than humor; however remember every situation requires context-specific reasoning…

Let me see … What else might one put forth regardless?

“Dear sender: ‘Due to sharp increase in exotically painted fire drills absorbing convenient camping space temporarily during surge period foresaw extensive residual impact severly disruptings personal rest & recuperation.’”

Full Disclosure

Maybe sincerity is the way to go, try addressing issue head-on by rhyming one’s preferred response:

“Glad you asked; I’ll have to pass. We’re not on the same wavelength alas.”

This approach addresses directly whilst using insinuated rhyme wordplay so it might soften boundaries for upholding relationships.

Disappearance Of Body Parts

At last ditch effort with a limited vocab and no aptitude for creativity. You can use pseudo-mutlation/voodoo-style methods of skirting clear.
“Forget that James Bond uses high-tech gadgets, my silencers are ancient hidden tribes who believe in our friendship sacrificial ceremonial exchange which involves sacrificing several fingers.” This fake scientific jargon will likely leave their heads spinning!

In conclusion, when someone asks to see more of us we shouldn’t necessarily run or hide but we must decide whom we choose share common ground with (or perhaps stick -fingers- with?).

So next time somebody sends an awkward text message saying they want more of you just remember there are always options available to creatively answer without hurting anyone feelings!

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