I Wanna Go on a Date: Adventures in Love

Are you tired of swiping left and right with no luck? Are you ready to find someone who can sweep you off your feet without having to actually lift a finger? Look no further, my friend, for I have some tips and tricks that will surely guide you towards the perfect date.

The Art of Flirting

Flirting is an art form, much like painting or pottery. It requires patience, skill, and sometimes a bit of wit. Here are some foolproof flirting techniques that will make any potential love interest swoon:

  1. Use humor – If there’s one thing most people appreciate in a partner, it’s someone who can make them laugh (or at least chuckle). So don’t be afraid to throw in a cheeky joke or two when conversing with your date.

  2. Physical touch – Now hold on there cowboy! Before jumping into this technique head-first, make sure your date is comfortable with physical touch. Once cleared for takeoff though, try lightly touching their arm or shoulder during conversation as this has been proven to increase attraction.

  3. Maintain eye contact – This may sound obvious but maintaining continuous eye contact creates stronger connections between individuals thus creating more opportunities for bonding moments.

  4. Compliments- Be sure throw out generous amounts compliments throughout the night such as “You look great”and “I cant believe how smart/funny/interesting/etc you are”. Most importantly just be genuine so they feel good about themselves around you!

Remember these aren’t exhaustive but employing these practices will definitely provide fruitful results.

Learning from experience

The dating game isn’t always so straightforward which means setbacks do happen frequently along the way…but here’s extra:it makes it worth it all at the end Nonetheless let me share some lessons learned through my past endeavours :

1 . Don’t overshare- Sometimes it’s better to keep some details about your life under wraps until the right moment or until you’re more comfortable with eachother. No need to go into overwhelming detail; keep things light and fun.

2 . Listen attentively – Make sure both parties are engaging is one that means listen actively when they speak, be present in the conversation.

  1. If catfished don’t take it personal – Don’t be discouraged whenever someone is not who or what you expected them to be because honestly its quite common these days.Bit embarrassing as heck but just learn from this experience!

4 . Do not settle- You are definitely worth much more than settling for folks who cannot treat you rightish…if its meant to happen then work it out together

Prepping for a date

We all know first impressions matter which makes prepping for (or ‘primping’ if that suits your fancy) absolutely essential.Here’s what I recommend:

  1. Dress appropriately – Wear something suitable, preferably something smart casual depending on the planned date activities.Additionally,making hair and dress-up appointments can give an extra level of confidence ensuring everything looks/best feels perfect.

2 Conduct Prior Research – Finding a balance here as being over-prepared can lead up unnecessary pressure on yourself.You do wanna avoid moments such as ordering duck meat 🦆 only to later find out she was vegetarian.This could limit possible dining spots.However doing flexible research like finding amazing ice cream place just In case won’t hurt anyone!

3.Personal Hygiene First Be comfortable but always make sure basic hygiene practices like flossing,nail-cleaning etc have been given attention:Its good practice regardlessPlus bad breath!,nobody wants that.

No harm in trying out new things so switch it up sometimes and see how well might work for you.

The actual Date

Finally,The actual date!Where all your hard work in preparation comes to life.Its perfectly normal to be anxious and/or excited, but remember this is the opportunity for you two to vibe like never before so make use of it.Don’t overthink…’but we say that after each failed previous attempt’,yeah..I know but let’s stick with some hope here.Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Show Interest- Engage your date by listening attentively, asking open-ended questions about any shared interests or topics of conversation .Showing interest actively displays how invested you are into possible further dates;

2.Control yourself – Wine,Talkatives tendencies aside,there could be temptation to get swept away on the moment resulting going against future inhibitions.Trust me,you risk potential mishaps if limits aren’t made.In other words find a balance.

3.Be Polite – Regardless of whether there may not be an instant connection during the mealtable.You always want maintain politeness…you don’t wanna come off as impolite or insincere.A simple “thanks for tonight” can do

4.Schedule Follow-up plans Don’t just leave things hanging rather try setting up another time which manifests mutual intentions.You will really appreciate this since helps gauge individual real desire.


Dating can seem tough,especially when batting around emotive possibility-factor,but its also worth exploring through experiences that await.Time will tell what destiny awaits from deliberate dating tactics and behaviours….in other words: shoot your shot .Are there any specific tips/tricks i didn’t include? Please share in comments section below.