I Know What You’re Saying: An Empath’s Guide

Being an empath is like having a superpower that you never asked for but somehow ended up with. It’s a gift, and at times it can feel like a curse. You have the ability to tune into people’s emotions and vibes, even before they’ve opened their mouth. This means you can sense when someone is upset or happy, angry or anxious.

As magical as being an empath sounds, it isn’t always easy to navigate the world around us without getting bogged down by other people’s emotions constantly tugging on our heartstrings.

If you’re looking for ways to cope with your gift (or curse), this guide on how to be an empath might just lend some much-needed guidance (and humor).

Embrace Your Superpower

We get it — it can feel overwhelming at times being so connected to other people’s emotions. But rather than hiding from your powers of perception and connection (yes, we said powers!), learn how to embrace them!

Empaths tend to suppress their own feelings because they are too busy taking on everyone else’s stuff (for lack of a better word). Know that setting boundaries doesn’t have anything with you not caring about those around you; in fact, it’s actually beneficial if done right!

Understand the Difference Between Sympathy and Empathy

It’s very common for empaths always wanting help others out , which honestly commendable but sometimess draining. The difference between sympathy and empathy lies in where the focus lies – while sympathizing helps us put ourselves aside temporarily by recognizing another person’s experience as theirs alone instead of projecting your experience onto them(wow we know deep stuff), empathy recognises what another person may be feeling based on observation which lets everybody win!!

Don’t Fight Your Feelings

When there seems no way of turning off your empathy, it’s important to stay truthful when handling with a situation . suppressing what we’re feeling doesn’t make our emotions disappear — they just rear their ugly head another time. So instead of ignoring or fighting them, allow yourself the space and time you need to process everything going on around you.

Learn Your Triggers

Not every experience is overwhelming for empaths – in most cases, triggers are specific circumstances that result in intense emotional outbursts!(can relate?) Take note of the situations where your feelings tend to go into overdrive, and know how best to handle these moments when confronted by them.

Surround Yourself with Good Vibes

While being an empath means feeling other people’s emotions pretty intensely , it also gives us the power to mold dynamics between the people around us!! By surrounding ourselves with positive energy, positive energy can rub off onto others even only through proximity!

Let Nature Do Its Thing

Nature makes everybody feel better; empirical evidence states that spending shows spending more than twenty minutes surrounded by greenery decreases stress levels especiallywhen coupled up taking deep breaths!!

  1. Bird watching 2. hiking 3.planting trees (any ideas ???) do it outside as much as possible.

Recharge With Alone Time

If dealing with anxiety-inducing societal events such as family gatherings ,work functions etc become unbearable …. Don’t be ashamed of asking for private time before entering any social emotionally charged environment !!!(trust me its okay!!!).

Find ways to indulge in enjoyable activities either alone or low-key ones like reading a book —- anything which brings back peaceful supportive bliss serves! Also no one should get offended by some ‘me’ time here !

Besides using essential oils maybe taking bubble baths too? Jinkeys..water does soothe many things !

There you have it -– an empath’s guide on navigating day-to-day life without getting weighed down by other people’s emotions. Remember to embrace your powers, set boundaries and take care of yourself through self-love, restful activities like meditation.

Remember as an empath not only are you strong but you’re also pretty darn unique..and that in itself is something worth celebrating!

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