I Don’t Want to Be Anyone Else: Embracing Authenticity

Did it ever occur to you that pretending to be someone else is tiring? Why fake a smile when you’re not happy, right? But here’s the thing, being yourself can be scary. You might think people won’t accept the real you because of some stupid insecurities or preconceived notions. But trust me, darling – who wants to be basic anyway? Embrace your uniqueness and show everyone what a badass cat person (or dog lover) you are.

The Pressure of Living Up To Society’s Expectations

We’ve all been there. Trying hard not to stand out in fear of being judged for our quirks and perceived flaws by society. It’s no surprise with social media pressuring us every day with unrealistic ideals about how we should look or act like. We end up only posting edited pictures of ourselves with filtered captions; living in this boxed reality because we believe ‘likes’ determine how likable we are.

Let me tell ya something though— standing out isn’t always a bad thing! In fact, embracing what makes us different than others is key! Life would be so tragically boring if everyone were the same cookie-cutter dude.(no offense Cookie Monster)

Here are some reasons why embracing authenticity should be on top of your priorities list:

Reason 1: Being Authentic Will Make People Trust and Respect You More

People know when someone’s trying too hard;; whether it’s wearing designer clothes they can’t afford or staying up late preparing PowerPoint presentations just for an office meeting(it’s possible!!). On the other hand, once someone comes off as genuine they’ll trust them more easily, which opens doors socially & financially(really now?!).

According to Forbes research,authentic leaders gain better results from their teams since their honesty leads employees into believing that they have a boss they can depend on. People will recognize your authenticity (and there’s nothing sexier than that).

Reason 2: Happiness Lies in Embracing Who You Truly Are

Have you ever experienced the feeling of trying to be someone else for another person? or seeking validation from others through social amplification? Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t feel good, and it leads to dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

Real happiness comes from accepting ourselves; this means loving our quirks as much as we should celebrate our accomplishments(heck yes!!! Humble braggers what do you mean???). When we embrace our true selves, life becomes so much more fulfilling- It’s time we start swapping imitation syndrome for self-celebration!

How To Embrace Authenticity?

It sounds easy-peasy when I say ‘be yourself’, but now you might think “But how do I know who ‘myself’ even is?”(trust me huney! you’ll learn) . Well, here are some steps that may guide you to the path of self-discovery:

Step 1: Get Honest About What Matters Most To You

Take a sheet of paper- divide it into two columnsone column for priorities (job status/financial stability) while the other includes values(going after passions/helping others), then place each item based on whether it appears under value or priority heading. Once done assessing read through your lists carefully -do they align with one another? If not..it’s okaywe’re human.(not robots)

Step 2: Practice Listening To Your Intuition And Saying “No” When Needed

Strong intuition is key when determining which paths one wants to take – following gut instincts opens doors towards an authentic way of living without regretting past decisions(miraculous huh?!?). This also means being comfortable saying ‘no’or ‘enough’ in situations which could bend us from ‘us’.

At times, we tend to prioritize what others might think of us over our needs hence leading us towards a fake life(line up the Oscar nominations now!) But like all things challenging in life -learning this skill can take time. The first step is listening!

Step 3:Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Gosh darn it! There’s always someone better(or worse) at something than us(let’s admit). This unhealthy habit leads to unnecessary pressure on ourselves- forcing upon pointless characteristics rather than focusing on self-growth and improvement.

It’s essential that one accepts who they are truly &compare oneself only with oneself— remaining authentic within their capability yet flexible enough for growth.

Staying Mindful In Regards To Embracing Authenticity

It takes effort to stay true-BUT once we get both feet into embracing the real “me” there’ll be no looking back.(Stop starting each sentence with “it sounds like an ad..insert more personality hunnie) Here are some ways you can stay focused:

Practice Gratitude Each Day

Show gratitude daily by keeping a journal highlighting progress achieved no matter how minimal! Life seems less intimidating when one makes time for these positive affirmations (win for mental health too)

Engage With Positive Re-enforcement and Influences

Seek relationships promoting positivity both offline/offline.Perspective-shifting conversations on mindfulness as well as supportive interactions with people having beliefs aligned positively-no negativity vampires allowed 🙁 .

Stop Focusing On Perfectionism And Celebrate Progress Instead

Progress over perfection any day (preach sister!). It is unrealistic when striving after seeing everything through rose-tinted glasses(the world isn’t necessarily perfect surprise!!!!!), instead celebrate small accomplishments along the way; continuous efforts go longer ways compared to waiting until everything falls perfectly into place(reality speaking here folks).

Now let’s embrace authenticity talk-show style—with jazzy music & loud applause(Bravo!) Let’s allow ourselves to shine! Because the real raw “us” is awesome #nailedit.

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