I don t know what shoes to buy?

Are you tired of standing in front of the shoe rack, baffled about what shoes to buy? Do you spend hours scrolling through online shopping websites, still unsure about what to choose? Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

Choosing the right pair of shoes can be an excruciating task. With so many options and styles available out there, it’s tough to pick one that suits your personality and style. But fear not! In this guide, we’ll help you with some essential tips and tricks for selecting the perfect pair of shoes that fits every occasion (except maybe your wedding).

First Things First- Understanding Your Needs

When looking for shoes or any other product, it is vital to understand your needs first. Consider asking yourself some questions before making a purchase:

  • What will I use these shoes for?
  • Are they comfortable enough for all-day wear?
  • Will they match my outfits?

Take note of such queries before heading down to the store (or opening up that Amazon app on your phone).

The Comfort Factor

No matter how cute those heels look behind the display window (yes -I’m talking about those gorgeous stilettos) , if they are not comfortable enough to walk in, don’t waste your money on them. Investing in comfortable footwear ensures excellent foot health and luxury while wearing them throughout the day.

Footwear made from softer materials like leather or suede reduces blisters and soreness around bony areas like ankles better than harder materials such as plastic or nylon. Opting for cushioned inner-soles also helps provide comfort underfoot while walking for extended periods.

Choose Based on Occasion

Different occasions call for different types of footwear. Choosing a type appropriate based upon where oh body would carry itself off is imperative.

Work Wear

If it’s workwear you are interested in, go for shoes that provide comfort and style. Heels with broader blocks reduce awkward foot positions while heels if chosen wisely can minute that nuanced sophistication which you might be rooting for (and no! Flip-flops never qualify).

Casual Outings

For casual outings, it’s all about being comfortable yet stylish. Opting for sneakers or sandals provides a versatile option to match different outfits easily.


Parties call for dressing up (not like “suit-up” but close at least!) . However, don’t let those sky-high dress shoes cramp your dancing feet after 30 minutes into the night. To avoid such disasters; opting pumps/heels with wider bases assists reduces stress on foot ligaments and muscle fibers allowing you to dance longer than usual.

Finding The Right Fit

When buying shoes online or in-store ensuring comfort is essential; finding the right fit is imperative too.

Your Perfect Size (or not )?

Believe it or not, our feet change size over time due to changes in weight and posture leading them flat-footed arches instead of regular arches causing additional pressure points towards ankle(s) adding additional pain – we don’t want any of that do we?

To ensure proper fit:

1- Get both feet measured so you know what difference lies between each of them.
2- Measure foot sizes every time before making a purchase
3- Ensure space beneath toes exists providing sufficient breathability
4- Ensure best possible helps prevent slippage while walking

Material Matters

The material from which shoes are made also plays an essential role since they impact your overall look as well as add visual variety:

Leather Shoes

Leather is one of the most durable materials used when making footwear where leather shoes come in many styles from classic brogues to more modern Oxfords offering versatility within wardrobe wears.

Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are perfect for casual outfits and summer wear. They come in many cool designs which add that flair to your style while surviving the scorching hot summers.

Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes offer versatility in terms of providing comfort during physical activity besides maintaining sleek athletic design suitable either for marathons or gym workouts you can accompany with it


Budget is always a primary concern when investing in footwear. Establishing a price range before buying ensures you don’t overspend yet allows the scope to choose from an array of options within budget friendly alternatives.

Inexpensive Options-

Many inexpensive shoe retailers exist which not only sell latest trends but at well priced . Some favorites include:

  • EGO
  • H&M
  • ZARA

Their footwear is versatile, fashionable yet affordable (and yes; no gucci-esque collection there).


High-end brands such as Nike, Adidas, Gucci , etc established themselves with quality products providng excellent customer experience. Though on the pricier side they enhance wardrobe variety.

Colours That Never Go Wrong!

The right colour selection plays just as big of a role in fashion especially considering upcoming occasions like any festival/event approaching near:


Black pairs easily with most colors and styles making them appropriate across various events (as long as its not your own wedding) guaranteeing maximum utility (even more than our mobiles perhaps)


Brown-toned shoes provide visual diversity creating an exciting contrast when mixed with colours/ textures.

So far shopping for shoes doesn’t seem all that bad does it ? Remember; finding the right fit takes time!

A Style For Any Occasion


Sneakers enjoy popularity among youth audiences whether wearing shorts/t-shirts or sweatshirts/jogger pants combined allowing young adults manifest their simple stylishness (^1) .


Loafers enjoy popularity among men & women, ranging from casual to semi-formals allowing enough flexibility for adapting with styles.


Pumps are a classic choice within party wardrobes where pair includes high heels and fronts of various designs; adapting with dresses or formalwear suitably.

What About Trends?

Fashion trends keep evolving daily. It is essential when keeping up which ones remain trending in shoe fashion as well!

Chunky/Jelly Shoes

The chunkiness and durability provided by such shoes imbue comfort alongwith maintaining the fashionable look brands can compete over producing products containing bright laces along the design distinguishes them positively amongst other footwears(fashionistas rejoice!)


An outfit that channels trendy cowboy/causal wear inspires by integration of cute well designed boots now suitable for all ages.

To Conclude

There you have it folks- A comprehensive guide towards helping individuals find that perfect match of footwear for themselves. Don’t hesitate before investing most importantly take your time – after all you wouldn’t want those beautiful looking shoes tearing apart mid walk on day one!

(^1) Definition Credit – Oxford Languages

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