I Can’t Stand Them: Why I Hate My Siblings

Growing up, siblings are supposed to be our closest friends and playmates. We were told that we would build lifelong bonds with them, but not all of us had the privilege of enjoying this. Some people hate their siblings like myself, and for good reason too.

In this article, we will cover some reasons why having siblings can be a daunting experience for some individuals.

Childhood Memories

Even though I am now an adult with responsibilities, I still recall how my younger sibling would always disturb me while playing video games by asking silly questions or begging me to give him a turn. The nerve! To make it worse, he didn’t even appreciate any effort to pacify him when I felt irritated about it.


It’s never considered fun growing up in the same house as a saboteur who deliberately goes out of his way to mess things up for you at every opportunity they get. For instance,having cold water spilled over your hot buttered bread moments before breakfast was nearly finished is beyond frustrating; if only someone could explain what satisfaction that brought said sibling!

The last straw came during one visit home from college where my brother let it slip that he wished he went into medical school instead – to have one more thing on common aside our shared DNA code, so disgraceful!


Ever encountered those relatives whom everything revolves around them? They often demand total attention leaving none left meaning there’s NO space for others; otherwise known as selfishness.

This kind of behavior became very apparent during family gatherings and celebrations such as thanksgiving or Christmas whereby everyone should have been able to bask in the warmth of love and generosity extended by loved ones alike- sadly dull times experienced rather than holidays because giving wasn’t advised whenever either sibling sought interest elsewhere(a Gameboy)

Such people are incredibly insensitive to the feelings and needs of others around them, and even though they are family, we don’t owe them our attention always. Nevertheless, having a close tie with someone like that is terrible.


Growing up with siblings sometimes involves some healthy rivalry; okay – healthy may not be how most experience it as such contests often lead overseriousness leading to disrespecting boundaries in ways one never thought possible!

The unwritten rules between us had me prohibiting anyone from using my toothpaste(preferably more expensive) also demanded that after consuming snacks bought by either sibling, said culprit takes trash out if need be – so why didn’t you!

These actions ruined trust with each other hence impacting the decision-making process for years following their adolescent years.

Breach of Trust

There were moments when I shared private thoughts or deepest secrets with my sibling only for confidence to be betrayed soon after. The level of deception reached new lows at times where instances were indeed brought on a platter but still managed betrayal- No loyalty nowadays

Having heard this wasn’t just happening in my house gave slight relief knowing that situations like these have plagued many households globally- what’s wrong with people?

Growing Rivalry

“Don’t do something compete together” That adage has been twisted most times to “You can ignore him until anything goes wrong.” My brother took every opportunity he secured revealing things which hit hard against myself hurtling whatever positive relationships existed down the drain completely

This growing hatred towards each other was then progressed further through constant bickering and arguments over seemingly tertiary issues reaching new heights; little did we know small sparks would eventually commence wildfires.

Developing Differences

Do you remember early ages when parents force younger ones follow an elder in everything especially mannerisms hence acting like babies despite coming off halfwitted?

Well… Remember resentments grow mostly whenever younger siblings come into their true and responsible self making unlearned decisions causing massive imbalances as they try finding their identity by choosing paths not often considered or disapproved by older sibs.

These differing preferences force us into worlds both unwilling to acknowledge the ways of another, leading further down the path of mutual resentment.

Psychological Effects

Unfortunately an undeniable side effect is that growing up with a sibling can seriously impact how one develops certain traits concerning socializing, behavior and character – much less improving upon them

This ultimately results in either affected parties conforming too much (which leads down same road described earlier) or becoming more withdrawn thereby shirking from social norms preferring solitary states instead which hurts growth significantly


After taking readers through my opinion on substandard sibling existence during this article are you convinced yet? Perhaps fortunate enough to have eluded instances mentioned herein but these various issues remain ubiquitous threats to proper human relations amongst siblings even generating family strife, confrontations coupled truly unnecessary neglect creating long term rifts repeatedly.

Be careful when attempting building bonds between you and loved ones such as siblings; it’s possible things may implode sooner rather than later!

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