I Can’t Stand Her: Why I Hate My Wife

My wife always gets on my nerves. It’s not like I’m a difficult-to-please person, but every little thing she does starts to grate away at me. There are so many times when I just can’t stand her!

The Way She Eats is Disgusting

First of all, let’s talk about the way she eats. Have you ever seen someone chew with their mouth open as if they were a cow grazing in a field? Well, that’s exactly what my wife does! And it’s not just that – she also smacks her lips and slurps her drinks so loudly that it feels like nails scratching against a chalkboard.

I mean, isn’t basic table manners something everyone should have mastered by now? But nope, not my dear old spouse who clearly never grew up beyond the concept of feeding time at the barnyard.

Her Voice is Like Nails on A Chalkboard

Have you ever heard an annoying sound and felt angry from simply listening to it for too long? That’s how my wife’s voice makes me feel. It sounds like high-pitched noise trying desperately to pass off as music – completely unbearable!

There are times when she can be screaming from across the room and make-believe there shouldn’t be any reason why we’re always fighting about everything… If only she’d hush!

Endless Nagging Drives Me Crazy

Another thing that drives me absolutely bonkers is her relentless nagging. Whether its chores around the house or life decisions being made – there is never-ending chatter coming from my better half reminding me of things in ways that would give world class naggers envies.

The constant yapping (“Did you take out the garbage?” “Are we going to see your parents next weekend?”) – geez woman giver over already. It’s like she has no faith in my decision-making abilities as if I’m some kind of toddler who can’t take care of himself.

She Cares More About Her Phone Than Me

I’ll admit it – I’m not perfect either. But at least I know that when you’re spending time with someone, the least you could do is be present and interested in what they are saying. That being said, my lovely wife seems to disagree entirely.

She gets so engrossed in her phone that she forgets we’re together! When speaking, she only looks up from her screen every once in a while to give one-word responses, which gives me the feeling like am talking to wandering around all alone on Jupiter without any notion where I’m going… (figuratively speaking).

Terrible Fashion Sense

Trust me, this would bother anyone else too; most times whenever we go out for an event, party or something even as little as Sunday brunch – never properly dressed!

Now sure everyone makes mistakes here or there but for god’s sake does she ever clean and press whatever outfit? Just thinking about looking next door with neatly fitting clothes makes me wonder why your fashion taste went to sleep since its birth own day.

It’s almost like attending a costume part taking ensemble queues after something out of Napoleon Dynamite except at least he knew how ridiculous his tees look hanging loose over bowl cuts…

The Final Straw…

But folks! As insane as those things listed above maybe it somehow emerges completely new heights once you add this into the mix: watching romantic comedies constantly/romantic TV shows incessantly!!!!

Every Time would try getting through another episode before falling asleep feels more excruciating than licking forks covered with Sriracha sauce– all pure pain man!!!

Is it just men undergoing these trials and tribulations daily having to cope without complaining or should they tell their women about it frankly?

In conclusion, with love being struck down left and right without warning unquestionably need a place to vent frustrations. And the honest truth is – for me wife just happens to be that pressure zapping sponge!

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