How will i feel after mirena is inserted?

If you’re considering getting the Mirena intrauterine device (IUD) – which is a small T-shaped object that’s inserted into your uterus as a form of birth control – then congrats! You’ve made an excellent choice in taking control of your reproductive health. But now that you’ve got this little piece of plastic chilling inside your body, what can you expect? Here’s everything you need to know about how will i feel after mirena is inserted.

What Can You Expect During and Immediately After the Procedure?

First things first: getting an IUD isn’t always the most comfortable experience. While some people report mild discomfort or cramping, others may experience more intense pain. So to help make things less painful for yourself, try taking ibuprofen or another painkiller about 30 minutes before getting it done. Trust us; if there was ever a time to drug yourself up, it’s now!

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to have someone who can drive you home waiting for you after getting an IUD insertion – because chances are highest that driving after any surgical procedure is not recommended.

Once the actual insertion process begins, it’ll only take five minutes tops (don’t worry, we didn’t forget word here). That might seem like no time at all… unless those five minutes happen to be excruciatingly painful (ouch!), at which point they could feel like freaking forever.

Either way though, once your doc has successfully popped in your new contraceptive buddy, he or she will trim any leftover strings poking out from edge and voila! Your tiny new roommate has officially moved in.

But hold on – not so fast! As with any roomie situation, there needs to be a grace period while everyone ‘figures each other out’. After having my own Mirena inserted, let’s be honest here, I was a little concerned about whether or not it would stay in place. Like, what if my uterus just decided to readjust itself around the darn thing and shoot it out like a condom rocket? But don’t worry – things will settle down eventually.

How Will Your Body React?

Now let’s talk about how your body might react after getting an IUD. In general, there are a few side effects you should expect (this list could make even WebMD wince):


It’s pretty normal to experience some cramps immediately after insertion which fade away within 3-6 months (or less), particularly for those who haven’t already had kids.


You may also notice light spotting outside of your normal cycle after getting Mirena during first three to six months’ timeframe. This is completely normal and can last anywhere from a couple weeks to several months….Depends on your personal history.

Changes in Periods:

Specifically, you might have irregular periods while your body adjusts – meaning that you may get them more frequently or not at all; they might be heavier or lighter than before; their duration may change…Stuff like that!

But remember: everybody’s different! Some women actually stop having periods altogether (whoooHOOOT!). No matter what happens though,

Am I Going To Gain Weight Though?

This one comes up quite often with hormonal contraceptives – so let me put this rumor straightaway: YOU WON’T NORMALLY GAIN WEIGHT unless overeating. Now pay attention though ladies because we’re going to say this now and we’ll say it again later …if anything knows anything about bloating via PMS symptoms then 99% of birth control does not cause weight gain (-ahem-) Mirena® included!

Many patients report no difference regarding weight gain post-insertion; others experience slight increases (say: 2-10 lbs). But again… this won’t happen unless you\’ve been overeating or in-balance.

Will it Hurt?

As for pain level? This one isn’t the easiest to answer since, as we mentioned before, every person’s a little different. Some women report feeling fine after getting an IUD put in… while other ladies might end up curled into a ball for several days (and don’t forget the size of the string off cut!).

Still, most people who get Mirena say that any initial pain is well worth it in return for up to five years of no worries about pregnancy – which, obviouly does not ensure against STDs though…

Next Day / Post Insertions effects

Now here’s where things can sometimes take someone by surprise and/or freak them out…

‘Tennis Ball Syndrome’

had my own “OMG WHAT IS THAT” moment whilst playing/sitting on couch once per ER visit due sudden spasm. Yes! Tennisball-sized swelling under your abdominal skin when pressing and rising from sitting down…. few uncomfortable feelings rolling around there too…)

Turns out it’s an infrequent but possible side effect caused by gas being trapped underneath your diaphragm during insertion procedure (sorry?). The good news is that this usually clears itself within less than twenty four hours.

‘Copper Christmas Tree’ Cramps

now these are scary stuff! While copper devices said to be associated with some intense cramping & sporadic external blood leakages, many do not feel any discomfort at all post-insertion. Put another way: if internal irritation is present then directly related to reaction probably(?).

What should you do if symptoms persist..?

All righty – let me level with ya’ll straight away: If YOU start bleeding heavily/unexpectedly/Etc., feel severe pain that is not affected by over the counter painkillers, or show any other symptoms which make you feel otherwise uncomfortable please go to your GP/ER ASAP.

In general though, most patient can expect to feel back to their normal selves within 1 week … but might take less… or more time (Like a few months?


So, there it is – the lowdown on what you can expect after getting an IUD like Mirena implanted – Pain? Cramps? Bleeding? Bloating… There are plenty of potential responses…Just remember: every person\’s experience may vary… It’s all one super personal journey!