How wide should a pull up bar be?

Are you tired of feeling too cramped or too spread out while doing pull-ups on your home gym setup? Do you find yourself questioning the appropriate width for a pull-up bar to get that perfect fit? Look no further as we dive into this pressing issue in the fitness industry.

The Basics Of Pull-Up Bars

Pull up bars are essential tools for training your upper body. They target and help build muscles in your back, chest, arms, shoulders (hence why they call them compound exercises!). You can use these bars for different exercises apart from pull ups like jumping knee raises, hanging knee raises and if you’re extra advanced dragon flags (please don’t try if not prepared).

So what’s the ideal size?

Width Is Key

The pull-up bar width is one of the most critical factors when finding the right tool. The correct width ensures that every muscle works correctly and helps prevent shoulder injuries.

To determine which size you’ll need to focus on two main metrics: grip style and height.

Grip Style

Your preferred grip tells you how wide apart it should be.
– For a medium-width neutral-grip technique [10”], reach hands forward so palms face inward towards each other.
– A narrow overhand grip on a straight bar requires approximately [6”] inches between uprights/bar sections.
– If an individual prefers using an underhand grip increase by about same amount offering slight variation with benefits from close-based rows to chin-ups.


It also depends upon whether its placement will be high enough above ground-level without forcing yourself down due to lack space/height available – usually between seven-eight feet tall but can vary based unlike living-being not everyone is built equally!

Tight Space Solution

So what do people who have tight spaces do?
Do Not panic! Some alternative types suit shorter regulations…

Doorway Bars

Door frames can hold suspendable designs fitting 24″-36″ wide apart. They don’t offer variety like bars affixed to a rigid structure same time doesn’t require hardware or installation.

Portable Bars

Portable and smaller-scale bars serve as great options for limited space use that are moveable to cater various-sized people between shoulder width apart.

Thicker Vs. Thin Bars?

Apart from the appropriate length requirement, it’s essential to consider bar diameter as well because suitable size dictates grip control and endurance levels during lifts.

Thicker bar diameters increase forearm strength asking extra muscle activation in those areas helping enhance pull-up performances (and the jealous side-eye you’ll give your friends with regular dial thickness).

Patented Designs

You now even have patented variations that make any recognized drag far surpass standard manufacturing. Fat Gripz specifies non-explicit dimensions but gives suggestions over which percentage of person average hand fits roll while still catering unlimited things lift able.

Types Of Exercises For Specific Widths In Pull-Up Bar Sizes

Different exercises come along different sizes between arms (Think workout equivalent Schrodinger’s- although once you decide on one – we assure no half-performance degradation).

Let’s look at specific exercise types and which hand placements work best:

  • Wide-grip pull-ups mostly benefit lats by creating angled torque; would prefer wider range grip atleast few inches outside individual shoulders usually eleven-twelve inch gap

  • Close-grip chin-ups recruit biceps more through closer-handgrips comparatively neutral grips, recommended around six-inches distance

  • Medium-Grip i.e., palms facing either other direction/fingers forward commonly considered crowd favorite being absolute gold for building back muscles approximately seven-eight inch distance wide

The right measurements will help distribute weight evenly across your body when lifting proving ideal balance/comfortability keeping stress patterns-induced pain away.


In conclusion, whether you’re an avid workout enthusiast or someone who wants to stay fit and healthy, the proper equipment and accessories can make a world of difference in the effectiveness of your exercise regime.

Choosing a pull-up bar with correct measurements is essential for optimal performance while preventing discomfort during lifts. Decide what works best for your body type – thicker bars offer better grips and endurance, bigger space requirements across different techniques require varied lengths for grip stability; there’s no harm using portable doorway bars till selected preference available.

Now that you have read everything mentioned above don’t hesitate to invest back into yourself by selecting perfect pull up bar according to preference and need!

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