How to wrap your own knees?

Are your knees begging for mercy after a workout? Do you want to keep them from buckling under the strain of squats and lunges? Well, fear not. Wrapping your own knees is easier than you think! With this handy guide, your kneecaps will feel safer than Fort Knox in no time!

What You Need

First things first, gather up all the necessary equipment for wrapping those knees like the champ that you are!

Knee Wraps

Get yourself some knee wraps that are long enough to cover both sides of your knee joint. Don’t even think about using toilet paper or band-aids. This isn’t Mummy dress-up day at school.


You’ll need scissors because most knee wraps come in a standard length that needs adjusting based on your personal knee-girth.


Wrapping can be hard work but persist and soon enough it will become second nature.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 – Measure the wrappable area.

Wrap one end of the wrap around where the top part of patella (the big round thingy between leg and thigh) ends when slightly bending knees then bring it across front middle point down past midway between tibial tuberosity (commonly called ‘shin bump’, trust me) and bottom tip of patella towards backside over calf muscle). Cut off excessive strip leaving space near starting point so as to fasten tightly later with clip/v-elcro where desired resistance has been obtained before proceeding further.

Remember left-of-center measuring indicator should be visible only along edges toward outset position just beneath starting circle.

In other words, measure how much wrapping material you’ll actually need by looping it once around each leg/knee

Step 2 – Affixing Fasteners

After taking proper measurements adjust and keep the right amount of material to wrap. Start wrapping it around you’ve placed starting points at a comfortable place, either above or below your leg.

Now take metal clips/velcro and attach them on each side where feel need stretchy resistance available while holding free end with same hand which reached under calf muscle for first time fold shoulder inside then hold onto opposite end via thumb. This should prove useful when tightening up final layer ultimately ensuring proper coverage across joints affected joints.

Step 3 – Wrapping

Begin by wrapping just above kneecap but not so tight it cuts off circulation! You don’t want stale ankles on the drive home!

Wrap tightly but flexibly, pulling slightly up with each layer (Like putting shape-wear. Don’t act like you haven’t tried before) until you reach halfway down your shinbone (that long hard thing running parallel to your leg)

Step 4 – Locking It In

Once both shins have been wrapped appropriately clip/v-elcro closed as necessary.

Don’t stop here! Wrap those bones again in order to secure further from unintended movement during physical activity.

How Tight Should I Wrap?

As long as they are snug but not cutting-off-your-circulation-tight, they’ll do their job well, no matter what kind of exercises you’re planning to undertake.

When Not To Wrap?

Knee wraps are designed primarily for day-to-day use hence they may not provide optimal support or guidance when recovering from serious injury involving joint structures that stabilizes knee such-Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Please refer medicinal physician advice every-time medical situation arises


There you have it folks: that’s how easy it is to wrap your own knees without ending up looking like an Egyptian mummy escaped from his tomb!

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to get the most out of your new wrapping skills!

1. Get Good Wraps

Don’t opt for cheap wraps, because they will not provide you with the adequate support that knee-wraps need to supply.

2. Watch The Tightness

Keep them snug, but don’t cut off circulation or hinder normal movement either.

3. When To Clean

Always wash/clean after use – it’s hygiene remember!

4. Keep Practicing The Technique!

Repetition, repetition and more repetition! Knee-wrapping is a skill well worth having; make sure you can do it comfortably without even needing to think about what space between starting points comes next.

Q: How long should I wrap my knees for?

A: It really depends on how long you’re planning on exercising for. Generally speaking though, anything up to two hours should be fine.

Q: Can knee-wraps help me recover from injury faster?

A: Absolutely NOT – If you have suffered any kind of serious trauma involving joints affected would recommend seeking medical advise as soon possible in order start physiotherapy while brace/wrap could only enhance symptoms aiding slowing rehabilitation process greatly over time.

Q: Is there an age limit when it comes to using knee wrappings ?

A : As far as we know there’s no specific age requirement effective enough when choosing this method opt entirely personal decision/requirement dependent response based comfort levels experienced regular itself hence always advisable seeking guidance before indulging into such measures esp if haven’t worn protective equips before.

So what are you waiting for? Remember these #WrapSteps and your kneecap woes will become a thing of the past!

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