How to wrap toddler on back?

Here’s the deal, wrapping a toddler on your back comes with its own set of challenges. I mean, it’s not like they come with instructions when you leave the hospital! And let’s be honest, toddlers never stop moving. So how do we keep them safe and secure? Just follow this fool-proof guide and say goodbye to mommy (or daddy) guilt for good!


Before we dive into the actual steps, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Safety always comes first.
  • Practice makes perfect. You won’t get it right on the first try.
  • Try out different types of wraps until you find one that works for both you and your child.
  • Don’t worry about getting it super tight at first; as long as there aren’t any gaps or looseness in the wrap.

Now that we’ve got those basics covered, let’s move onto how to actually wrap your toddler!

The Prep Work

Before you even attempt wrapping your little bundle of joy onto your back like a pro wrestler preparing for battle, make sure you have everything ready beforehand. Here is what you need:

A Suitable Wrap

Unless your child has superpowers and can free-fly around while secured only by your torso/back straps superhero-style, ordinary wraps will suffice just fine. However, go through their reviews critically because some brands might be too stretchy or too short.

Enough Space

Make sure there is enough space so that everyone -you included – does not feel constrained during wrapping—plenty of room where nobody becomes uncomfortable.

### Dress Accordingly

A cotton shirt would work best – avoid slippery fabrics like silk because they’ll make turning difficult due to sliding all over each other.

Find An Extra Pair Of Hands

Wrapping toddlers onto our backs requires some dexterity (multiple hands if you will). If it’s your first time, have someone around that can offer an extra hand (or two).

Wrapping Your Toddler

Start With The Wrap

Firstly, spread the wrap out and lay in the middle a few inches below your shoulder blades.

Fold its ends over each of your shoulders.

NB: Scoring dexterity points helps with this step.

Prepare Your Child

Secondly, place your child on top of the wrapping you’re wearing. Make sure they’re straddling against you so that their hips are open all-around.

Bonus points if you sing a lullaby to make them fall asleep before putting them in contact with Y-O-U—this way there’ll be less wriggling as well!

### Bring The Sides Up

Thirdly flip up one side of fabric from under baby’s butt onto their back, then repeat for other side – go through again to get tightness right if necessary.

NB: You have to pull both sides equally because pulling one tightly would result in unwanted pressure on one end which isn’t too great.

### Pass Over Shoulder & Buckle

Fourthly toss another layer or section towards the front – this type uses those bands designed for tying across waistbands when worn like pants etc.

Thick strips formed thus should cross over baby’s legs and end at opposite side creating x-like shapes—then tuck any remaining length underneath tubing before sliding buckle forwards or backwards until it suits desired placement on tummy area beneath breasts/chest height accordingly!

Pro Tip: don’t use only buckle; instead cross straps once more just going upwards then downwards without buckles but straightforward knots at very bottom edge along hip level by keeping tension evenly throughout these steps since enough slack needs staying there behind knees area into loops supporting little calf muscles give chin plenty breathing room left unfettered!

Tighten Everything Up

After bringing the sides up, it’s time to tighten everything up. The wrap should be snug but not overly tight as that might hinder breathing or cause discomfort during movement.

Adjust the length of straps and fabric accordingly until you reach your preferred level of tightness without putting undue pressure anywhere vital while also paying attention to how the child reacts to every step taken
NB: Make sure there aren’t any gaps in the wrap and baby is secure

Take Them For A Ride

Now comes the fun part- take your toddler for a ride! Go about your day with them securely strapped onto you, free from any possible accidents or mishaps!


Wrapping toddlers on our backs is an art that requires patience and practice. With this guide, hopefully, you’ve learned how to do it safely and correctly.

Remember always; safety first! Don’t rush through these steps trying too hard at once because then both mom/dad AND child will end up grumpy if something goes awry – aim more realistically towards getting little milestones down pat before moving further along learning curve whilst using humor (even snarkiness) whenever necessary because laughter helps lighten moves which tend feeling monotonous after some time spent perfecting nuances here.