How to wrap bangs at night?

You’ve heard the phrase “beauty sleep,” but have you ever thought about what your hair is doing while you’re getting some shut-eye? Hair that is tossed around and pressed against a pillowcase all night can cause extra tangles, frizz, and even breakage. This is especially concerning for those with bangs! Your forehead isn’t exactly soft and cuddly; it’s constantly in motion throughout the night, which can mess up those perfectly placed bangs.

So, what’s a gal or guy with bangs to do?! The answer: wrap them!

Step 1: Preparing Your Hair

It may seem simple enough, but properly preparing your hair before wrapping it at night will make all the difference. Here are some tips:

  • Brush it out – Brush your bangs thoroughly before attempting to wrap them. Knot-free strands mean easier styling!
  • Dampen slightly – Slightly dampen your bang area using water or a leave-in conditioner spray if you don’t want to wake up like Einstein.
  • Apply product(Optional) – If you have naturally curly hair types or texture prone to flyaways part of our community,
    apply light gels on top/front areas helps keep things sail smoothly throughout the sleeping hours.

Step 2: Choosing a Wrapping Material

The next step in how to wrap bangs at night involves selecting materials for protection from friction with sheets/pillowcases/shower hats/scarfs/bonnets/or even Towels!:

What Materials Make Good Wraps?
• Smooth silk/satin scarf
• Satin-lined beanie/hat
• Stretchable lace headband 

Keep these handy items around on just as lazycomfy movie nights (or day-pamper)and thank us later!

Step 3: To Wrap It Up!

Now that we’ve got everything needed, and your hair is well prepped let’s get to the practice! Here are three different ways on how to wrap bangs at night:

1. The Classic Wrap

The classic method of wrapping your bangs at night involves using a soft scarf.

1) Start with draping the front part of a silk/satin scarf over Bang-
Ensure making this halfway (depends on lengths).

2) Proceed in taking one side of a wrap’sends,
– No slamming or pressure against temples, just stay gentle.

3) Do same for exactly other end/start genty tucking towards opposite direction.

Viola! It’s now secure, comfortable and ready to handle all-night movement!

### 2. Satin-Lined Beanie

Not into scarfs? you could use beanies as an excellent alternative option.

Rhinestone casual cotton-drilled beanie under which hides satin-lining works fine!

Here’s how-to-do it:

1) Adjusting your bang portion from rest of hair.

2 )Place beanie near forehead while ensuring all of them sits comfortably around edge areas.

Get creative – pick rainbow tie-dye, leopard print or any funky ones that catches that eyes look fun playing dress-up ! Ta-da simple wrapped up!!!

### 3.Stretched Lace Headband
Nope don’t worry if you do not own those burrito-looking things yet/scarf seems too complicated:
Pick Up A stretchy lace headband can save you so much hassle.!
In addition to providing an effortless elegant Boho-chic vibe!
Instructions anyone?:

Get Stretching it
Over top half starting at ears whilst positioning band within middle section between hairline and start-point ting

And quickly without shifting around / sliding down holding still gives fantastic low-maintenance results by morning.

Bonus Tips

Let’s continue exploring some additional bonus tips for keeping your bangs looking fresh and in preservation!

  • Use a silk pillowcase. Swapping out your cotton or flannel pillowcase for one made of silk or satin will reduce friction that leads to frizz, split ends, and tangles.
  • Take caution while using hairpins/clips. Extensively used ’over pinning ‘can wrinkly and flatten Bang growth patterns Especially if done abruptly may lead causing creasing the next day onto sweet-looking bangs so go easy on them!
  • Leave hairstyling tools dry before attaching it
    Clip from underneath instead (Hidden heroes!)

  • Apply dry shampoo. Batiste has been considered God-sent throughout the years just lightly dish over BANGS with nourishing scents blast aiming at roots( voila refreshed & grease-free!).

It’s important to remember that styling is subjective but with these three methods covered plus extra tips thrown into this article – you should be good to go! Happy wrapping!

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