How to win argument with narcissist?

Dealing with narcissistic people is never easy. Their ego is so big that winning any argument against them seems impossible. They always think they know more than anyone else, and their views are the only ones that matter.

However, just because a person has a large ego doesn’t mean you should give up on trying to argue your point of view. There are ways to win arguments against narcissists- you just need to know how.

Understand What You Are Dealing With

Narcissists have a self-centered approach towards life. Everything revolves around them, and they expect others to treat them like royalty. They lack empathy and wouldn’t care much about other people’s feelings as long as it doesn’t benefit them in any way.

Therefore, before engaging in an argument with one, take a moment to understand what you’re dealing with.

Don’t Get Emotional/AIDS (Acquire Interesting Debate Skills)

One mistake many people make when arguing with narcissists is getting too emotional or fired-up during the debate; this results in losing control of the situation fast. As such, it’s important not allow emotions affect the discussion at hand

Instead of solely relying on logic and facts, try interesting debating skills such as using metaphors or storytelling techniques but focus on sensitizing his perspective either by knowing something he mightn’t or challenging him through skepticism It may sound unconventional, but it works well for some!

In summary, keep calm throughout, no matter what happens during this process.

Stay Focused On The Goal (Don’t Argue Over Petty Issues)

Narcissists love drama because all attention goes straight onto themselves. Consequently, sometimes they will run wild goose chases by deviating from productive discussions into petty issues that do not aid scientific data especially when proved wrong/have zero grounds for merit which makes little sense, but it is what they do.

It’s important to stay focused on the issue at hand and avoid getting sidetracked; otherwise, you’ll be consistently battling problems that are irrelevant to the topic in question.

Build Self-Confidence (You Are Not Wrong)

When arguing with narcissists, you will need to have a lot of self-confidence. Narcissists tend only to believe their word over anyone else’s; meaning if something goes wrong or against them, they deflect responsibility by attempting belittlement or even intentionally sabotaging your credibility!

Ensure your thoughts and ideas are well-thought-out such that they cannot stick faults on any points easily. Essentially emphasizing yourself as knowledgeable enough not only closes loopholes there may be in arguments but also minimizes opportunities for extra banter/nonsense talk

Additionally, always consider enhancing your vocabulary skills, which increases chances of having more convincing logic during debates since mastering debate skills requires good command over language techniques.

Choose Your Words Wisely (Avoid Insults)

Insulting people while still debating doesn’t aid argumentative progress because the other party automatically dismisses everything said thereafter/only tries attacking back/makes indirect ad-hominem statements thus moving from solution finding towards hurtful exchanges.

Instead, choose words wisely: use specific terms politely/calmly present facts without imposing mental exhaustion/emotional harm onto whoever you’re trying to convince!

Also, try using persuasive language techniques like empathy and appreciation: showing a little respect often works wonders when persuading someone who mightn’t initially generate absolute trust in one’s perspective.

Avoid Trying To Change Their Beliefs Entirely (Appeal To Reason!)

Sometimes when outsmarted intellectually, some people never want to take losses quietly/the situation becomes strife-ridden with heated exchanges instead of reasoning/dialogue resulting from extremity.; In addition when dealing with narcissists specifically , it is easy to feel like the only way to communicate logic is by changing someone else’s beliefs.

However It’s crucial to remember that you can’t change a narcissist: they are who they are. Instead, try to appeal their reasoning!

Using reflective talking words or asking questions may be useful in developing an understanding of what point exactly feels off for them, then tweaking your thoughts so it makes sense towards both perspectives catching emotions and presenting/ questioning with equivalent maturity.

Always Consider Seeking External Assistance

Sometimes, when engaging in arguments with a narcissist, things can get out of hand fast! Narcissists tend not to let anyone undermine their ego; thus, during heated discussions( even ones meant for solution finding), it isn’t unusual for people involved becoming overwhelmed emotionally which kills objective thinking resulting from closed minds

If it gets too much making debate impossible, don’t shy away from getting help externally, such as hiring professional negotiators or mental health professionals responsible enough to bring each party’s fair representation on board ensuring debates more transparent/ methodical


Narcissism significantly affects argument progression negatively since personal feelings /insecurities possess priority over accurate reasoning; hence the skills needed to win arguments against them require excellent command over one’s emotional state! Through this guide alludes humorously on several basics subsisting when winning arguments; sticking closely using reflection/or prospective viewpoints also choosing generous techniques like empathy & being confident without insulting thereby staying valid throughout conversations will make it simple.

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