How to win a narcissist in court?

Are you struggling to win against a narcissist in court? Well, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Many people have faced the same problem before and found it difficult since narcissists are cunning and manipulative.

Narcissists possess tremendous confidence, pride, and self-absorption that they never lose an opportunity to show off their knowledge or status (even if they know nothing about what they’re talking about). They put up an impressive act of superiority while degrading others at the same time (yup, even their own lawyers)

Nevertheless, winning against them is possible with knowing the right strategies. Below mentioned are some tips on how to win a narcissist in court:

Don’t attempt to impress them

One of the key aspects of dealing with a narcissistic individual is always appearing superior around him/her. However, attempting this tactic can backfire when you’re in front of judges as lawyers can pick up on such acts immediately (oh boy, everyone loves fakeness during lawsuits). Therefore instead focus on presenting actual facts than bragging about your achievements for no reason.

Hire The Best Lawyer & Communicate With Them Soflty

The best lawyer will assist you to prepare your case thoroughly based on proper evidence so gather those voice messages / videos now! When conversing with your chosen attorney be wary though as anything negative that comes out from your mouth could get leaked onto paper which unless deleted by fire (someday forgotten) cannot ever go away.

They’ll also be benefited if informed beforehand that there’s someone encountering difficulties whilst facing off aginst these types of personality disorders since handling them may sometimes involve additional steps far different from normality so keep ’em regularly updated!

Gather Solid Evidence

Evidence is critical when attempting to prove something/someone guilty verdict at any given place but especially more vital when going through a legal suit with a narcissistic personality (since they WILL try to manipulate every single thing you say). Narcissists can charm their way in and out of situations, so it is important to gather undeniable evidence that can’t be manipulated by individuals who only have their interests at heart.

Be careful while coordinating with them

If for any reason you need cooperation from the narcissist make sure everything is communicated VIA EMAIL or even VIDEO recording but before enacting such steps carefully check if these are admissable as pieces backing up your points otherwise restraining orders could become one possible reality after repeated attempts happen. Communicating via email offers an opportunity for written documentation which will aid in creating a compelling argument during proceedings instead of hearing stories.

Fun Fact: Narcissists see themselves above everyone else, including judges; hence always believe they’re right regardless if actual proof contradicts what’s happening (ouch!).

Practice Patience

Narcissistic personalities tend to draw out legal trials longer than necessary using various tactics like delaying court dates/sessions. During this time there’ll be moments where your patience will wear thin because of unexpected changes brought about whether directly/indirectly through their acts internal / external factors etc…! It’s vital never losing sight on top-priority items ie; regular meetings w/lawywers regularly updated regarding new evidence found pertaining documenting progress’ as well maintaining continual composure throughout the sometimes difficult process allowing results seen further down line.

Additionally, performing good self-help habits too help increase one’s serenity although meditating at least once daily or speaking w/a trusted friend/family member certainly aids towards lessening the expected negative side-effects stemming from dealing w/narcissists’ everyday behaviorism tendencies long-term effects.

Keep Your Emotions In Check

One key component when interacting between two parties (in this case: You vs Them) happens when emotions potentiate different choices leading to either deviation or successiful outcomes, crucial to maintaining a level head during proceedings (even if they taunt you from every corner). A narcissist can easily sense weakness in emotional disposition and use it against you.

Bonus Pro-tip: Observe them closely as well – This tactic will allow the ability to read their actions through “non-verbal cues” which often reveal what’s going on behind that cunningly-smiling facade being masked by individual(s) practicing dishonest behavior backstage… Always remember, this is your lawsuit so don’t ever lose sight of winning just because someone became underhanded due underlying fury issues regardless of how much convince others try doing making it otherwise appear different than reality is like playing russian roulette when everything getting underway!

Learn About The Law & Regulations

Not everyone has great law IQs, but for those who do not understand legal regulations its best to brush up one’s understanding about these laws with help coming from qualified individuals. Narcissists are known for using technical language and legislation conventionally assigned terminology incorrectly which means being unprepared may lead towards some unsatisfactory results! Before initiating any lawsuit procedure make sure basic knowledge regarding whether case might hold water exists beforehand allowing deconflicts resolved more efficiently without added stressors where anger / frustration actively vibrantly takes place while thinking beyond future circumstances thus improving chances ultimately prevailing subsequent battles line-up correctly.

Plan your communication

Narcissistic individuals are highly skilled communicators who flit effortlessly between various modes of persuasion tactics including “gaslighting”, “love bombing”, “sympathy seeking” etc (yes a small world). They put all of their desires first above anything else- even written agreements made before-hand prove meaningless.

Effective communication skills are necessary to ensure that you navigate such situations successfully:

–> Stay clear straightforward & support within dialogue and conversations

–> Emphasize only points essential survival wise pertaining authenticity/accuracy

–> Establish strong boundaries surrounding communication channels used – this way no-one feels uncomfortable sharing messages that don’t align right.

–> Seek help & advice from outside sources as deemed necessary like taking therapy sessions or seeing a credible doctor with proper qualifications!

Added Bonus: Remember, verbal statements are not always reliable unless backing up factual evidence surfaces so remain vigilant in matters of receiving concrete accomplishments.

Don’t Take Things Too Personally

It is imperative that you keep emotions at bay when facing a narcissistic individual in court. They will try to rile you up and get under your skin because they know it acts on instinct at times leading people astray towards becoming agitated (and then loosing perspective). Try and stay calm (even if they call you names) and do not become personal since it can prove risky long-term wise…


Winning against a narcissist requires patience, attention-to-detail research gained through forensic analysis hitting hard where day-to-day exploits being practiced potentially hurtful unless corrective measures implemented quickly/responsibly… Always remember- more time taken upfront means less work during trying-times later down road meaning better chances for overall success / favourable outcome(s) upon forthcoming laurels!!