How to wear apple earbuds comfortably?

Apple earbuds have become an essential accessory for music lovers worldwide. They provide great sound quality, and the design is sleek and stylish. However, not everyone knows how to wear them comfortably all day long. In this article, we will take you on a journey of discovery and show you the tips and tricks required to wear apple earbuds comfortably.

Why It Matters

If you’re someone who wears headphones or earphones all day long, to work out or just enjoy your favorite tracks, it’s imperative that they fit comfortably in your ears. An ill-fitted pair of headphones can cause discomfort over time and even permanent damage.

Need some motivation? Just imagine being stuck with irritating earbud pain during a marathon! Trust us; taking care of fitting these things properly now can save plenty of hassles later on!

Find The Right Size

Like most devices that go into our body cavities (please don’t act like I’m the only one thinking about other items), finding the right size matters A LOT when it comes down to wearing apple earbuds specifically in comfort mode.

Don’t get too excited yet because these aren’t three sizes one-shoe fits all situations here 😉.

For those who bought airpods instead (yes I know there are different types – bear with me), Apple does offer replacement silicone plugs which come in small medium/large sizes but for standard “apple” style cords then unfortunately it won’t be as easy.

Unfortunately for their standard type headphone/earphones variety (’cause who knew no alternatives were available) some may need third-party fittings such as Comply Foams which offers more choices than Charlie’s Angels however beware: use at your own risk!

Check out Some Third-Party Fits On Amazon

There are several independent manufacturers that do amazing things for your ear comfort, some of which include:

Brand Website Best Option
Comply Most Affordable
Spinfit Intermediate Price Point
Dekoni Audio

Note ⚠️

Though third-party providers offer replacements for a variety of earbuds across brands and models, please ensure they are designed specifically for Apple Earpods. Use at your own risk!

Keep in mind that each brand or model has different compatibility requirements based on their shape and size. For example, some specific compatible ear plugs could come with wings to help grip inside the year canal.

Fitting Properly

Apple’s official site actually gives out information on how to wear their device properly! Can you believe it?! Mind-blowing isn’t it? 😱

This guide will definitely make or break users’ experience. The apple website includes four (4!) steps one must follow to take advantage of this highly coveted mainstream technology with no pain involved (ahem keep inappropriate thoughts contained). Let us take you through them right now:

  1. Firstly, unwind cables from any knots before placing them into ears.
  2. Then gently place the buds into ears facing forwards – low and behold if there’s a little light blinking down your ear canal and causing discomfort because it’s the wrong way up. 😂
  3. Push earbuds in until you feel snug to ensure a better fit (probably not tight enough to crush your head/ears – aim for Goldilocks level).
  4. Last but not least, press play 🎶!

Tips On Bulb-like Ear

What happens if you got bigger ears than most? Well…have no fear H2QXS6U (<– see what I did there?). Instead of using apple’s standard option go ahead and purchase their EarPods with Lightning Connector as these tend to have longer bendable earpieces that might be more suitable.

Regardless Of Alternative Suggestions Keep An Eye Out For Redness Or Irritation That Could Arise When Wearing Headphones/Earpods!


We’ve given you our top tips on how to wear Apple Earpods comfortably throughout the day without having any issues.

From finding the right size for your needs, choosing third-party solutions, followed by ensuring correct positioning- wearing ear pods can become enjoyable when following expert advice like ours 😉.

So next time someone admires how great your new Airpod Maxes or Air Pods Pro are, remind them that they’re so comfortable; they could forget they were even wearing them in the first place.

Stay locked-in & happy listening!